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Industry 4.0 Adoption by Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Microland’s client is the world’s leading integrated topical pharmaceutical organization, boasting the world’s largest single-site, FDA-approved dermatology products manufacturing facility. Annually the facility produces more than 9,000 tons and 300 million units of ointments, gels, creams, solutions, and lotions. 
To stay competitive, drive productivity, and accelerate growth, the client embarked on an aggressive modernization of their production facility by adopting Smart Industry 4.0 principles and standards. Microland helped the client in this digital transformation agenda focused on the Smart Manufacturing tenets of using analytics-powered operational intelligence, connected assets, and augmented reality to drive significant productivity increases while improving compliance, agility, and safety. 

With this success as an inspiration and with Microland as its partner, the client continues to evolve their vision of Industry 4.0. Microland is now closely working with the client to expand the Smart Solution to the 25+ manufacturing and packing lines in the next phase of implementation and change management. 

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  • Industry 4.0 Adoption by Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
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