Our Journey Through The Years

1998-2001 V2.0 Internet Economy

Pioneering the Indian Internet Economy
Fearlessly launches a tsunami of change
Hello Internet!
An effective ad campaign helped reposition Microland as an e-Services company
From a Network Integrator to an Internet Incubation Company
  • Vision: “Incubators to the Internet Economy”
  • Convert Microland into a Holding & Incubating Company
  • Identify & create new businesses
Planetasia.comIndia's first Internet Business Solutions Company
Press coverage announcing the launch of Planetasia.com – The Indian Express, 21 November, 1997
Microland launches Planetasia.com on 20 November, 1997
  • Web Consulting
  • User Experience
  • Web Development
  • ASPs / E-Commerce / B2C / B2B
ITspace.comIndia's first Technology Portal
S M Krishna, Chief Minister of Karnataka, John Sculley, former CEO of PepsiCo and Apple, Dewang Mehta, President of Nasscom at India Internet World 2000 and Pradeep Kar
Microland launches ITspace.com on 22 September, 1999
The home page of ITspace.com
  • Communities: CIO | Developer | Entrepreneur | Student
  • Services includes search, discussions and chat
  • Channels includes news, conferences, jobs, stocks, shopping
indya.comChanging the face of online India
The home page of indya.com
Microland launches indya.com on 16 April, 2000

The Ultimate Online Home for Indians

  • “Ind” is the essence and “Ya” is the attitude
  • The ultimate Internet home for Indians
  • Marquee investors
  • Deep technology
  • Concept to launch – 6 months
  • 194 professionals and 31 channels
  • Smart advertising and marketing
Rupert Murdoch (center) and Chase Carey (left), COO, News Corporation, with Pradeep Kar
Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp invests $50 Million in indya.com
indya.com sets a new norm in advertising by appearing on the front and back page of India’s #1 newspaper for its launch
The front page of The Sunday Times on 16 March, 2000
…and the back page of the daily
Over 100 articles written on the ad in 60 days. Bachi Karkaria, one of India’s highly respected journalists, writes about the indya.com campaign
Connecting with Young India
Launching new Bollywood movies on indya.com, a first in the industry
The online chat rooms
Bill payment services
Contests on indya.com
media2india.netIndia’s First Internet Media Entity. Business of providing information and e-commerce services to the Internet marketplace
An advertisement for india's first internet media company
Microland launches media2india.net on 30 May, 2000
  • Internet Conferences: Internet World
  • Internet Research: Jupiter Communication
  • Online Ad Sales
Net BrahmaThe Networking Software Company
An advertisement for Net Brahma launch in The Economic Times, 26 July, 2000
Microland launches Net Brahma on 25th July, 2000

Vision: To be a leading provider of software technologies to global makers of next generation networking and communications equipment

Microland launches ‘India Internet World’Putting India on the global internet map
India Internet World ‘98
25 – 28 August, 1998
P V Narasimha Rao, Former Prime Minister of India, at IIW '98 with Pradeep and Kalpana Kar
N Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, delivering the inaugural address at IIW '98
Sabeer Bhatia, Founder of Hotmail, at IIW '98
Gene DeRose, CEO of Jupiter Communications, at IIW '98
India Internet World ‘99
22 – 24 September, 1999
Former Prime Minister of India, I K Gujral, at IIW '99
India Internet World 2000
26 – 28 September, 2000
Jack Ma, Executive Chairman and CEO of Alibaba, speaking at IIW 2000
S.M Krishna, Chief Minister of Karnataka inaugurates IIW 2000; In the Picture with Pradeep and John Soulley, Former CEO of Pepsi Co and Apple, and Dewang Mehta, President of Nasscom
India Internet World 2001
27 – 29 September, 2001
Press coverage of IIW 2001 - Business Standard, 26 September 2001
Advertisement for IIW 2001
Super charging the Internet Economy
Hosting and managing all online sites. This experience leads Microland to move into Remote Infrastructure Management space.
Building digital business solutions
The de facto portal for the IT industry
Delivering research-based support to online advertisers and driving ad-sales using Double Click technology
India’s de facto Internet industry conference and exhibition
India’s #1 all-purpose go-to online portal for consumers