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Modern Cloud Operations - Changing Landscapes & Operating Model

Today, most enterprises who have adopted cloud at scale struggle to manage the modern environments due to its variety, complexity, and dynamism. All these challenges get snowballed when the cloud environment is at scale. Senior IT leaders who have digital transformation priorities would be facing these challenges and should be able to get to know what is done in the industry to address these and get an understanding of the options available.  

The whole concept of modern infrastructure and cloud operations leveraging observability, IaC, and SRE practices is quite new to the mainstream industry while it is leveraged and practiced by some large cloud-first / cloud-only companies and start-ups. Managing cloud operations and driving efficient data center management to accelerate a standardized, secured, and robust computing environment has become important through monitoring, resolving, configuring, and tuning of the server management operations.

Microland can help tilt the game in your favor with a hybrid cloud operations platform. Our cloud operations and data center management services are based on nextGen cloud operations and management platform which includes Infrastructure as Code for one-click provisioning and auto-configuration management, and SmartGovern for cost governance and continuous compliance.

In this exclusive and power-packed roundtable session hosted by NASSCOM, learn from and share experiences with distinguished CIOs, IT leaders, and peers as they discuss different hybrid cloud operations.

Key Takeaways

Participants of this event get to understand from experts and enterprise leaders on how to successfully navigate this by adopting these newer models, practices, and tools. The key takeaways would be –

  • How the modern cloud-native landscape is changing the definition of infrastructure and apps
  • The challenges faced in operating modern cloud environments to realize the promised potential of cloud
  • Understand the modern methods, modern tools, best practices that help effectively operate in the cloud-native world
  • How to avoid pitfalls and how to measure success while operating in the new model
  • How Microland has evolved its services, built IPs and is helping customers navigate these challenges


  • Introductions
  • Hear from the keynote speakers:
  1. Sunil Sarat, SVP – Global Client Solutions Leader (Cloud Unit), Microland
  2. Benil George, AVP - Client Solutions (Cloud Unit), Microland
  • Open Forum – ask your Questions!


Benil George P J
AVP - Client Solutions, Cloud Unit
Sunil Sarat
SVP, Global Client Solutions Leader, Cloud Unit
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