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Microland's Service Management approach methodically and intentionally ties value delivery, customer experience and employee experience back into the underlying infrastructure. Our suite of Service Management offerings is designed and deployed to deliver delight today, while factoring in the rapid pace of transformation to ensure ongoing user delight and value creation. Whether you are adopting a new best-in-class Service Management platform or seeking to enhance an existing platform, our teams offer wrap-around services for design, deployment and management.

We offer a utility pricing model measured through outcome-driven, customer-centric KPIs. Our ability to optimize the Atlassian tech stack and ServiceNow workflows ensures business continuity and customized, engaging remote experiences — regardless of what the world throws at you.

Key Differences

Hassle free, secure password reset Our Active Directory (AD) Self Service Portal significantly reduces calls to your Helpdesk and lets users reset their own forgotten passwords through a series of secure questions and answers. This is an Active Directory / ITSM password reset tool that simplifies and secures the password resetting process for non-technical users while incorporating best practices and knowledge of diverse operation environments.

Smart service bots The newest addition to our MinimalOps themed Service Delivery framework is a testament to savvy automation. This ITPA solution assists in auto-remediation of incidents, fulfillment of service requests and the running of scheduled housekeeping tasks. These service bots can be triggered by Monitoring tools to auto resolve issues or initiated by engineers to assist with complex analysis of data pulled from a variety of knowledge sources.

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  • 70 Product Procurement catalogue items
    Firstly, the work to create 70 Product Procurement catalogue items for Lincolnshire City Council, this has been a great piece of work.   And have received feedback from LCC that after a presentation to the end Customer they were very happy with the work that had been completed which shows an increasing level of maturity and capability with the Service Now platform which is very encouraging.
    Mike Morgan Lee , Tools & Service Management, Serco Plc
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Want to know more about our services?
  • Srikara C R Senior Vice President - Consulting & Service Management
    Srikara C R
    Senior Vice President - Consulting & Service Management
    Srikara runs the Global Service Management Client Solutions Group. Srikara leverages his 30 years of diverse experience as he leads the consulting team in bringing world-class innovative solutions to bear on clients’ digital journeys. The Client Solutions Group guides clients in the deployment of transformational technologies into their IT infrastructure stack and helps future-proof digital journeys via enhanced workflows supported by market-leading platforms.
  • Dhiraj Manohar Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Dhiraj Manohar
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Dhiraj is a deeply experienced Client Solution leader for Modern Business & IT with a skill set that covers Architecture, IT Service Management, Partner Alliances, Digital Solutions Provisioning (including Large Deals for M&As), Digital Transformation, and Legacy Modernization. A detail-oriented juggler of multiple balls, Dhiraj simplifies complexity and roots out inefficiency so that new solutions can flourish.