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May 06, 2021
Virtual Event

Virtual Event: Winning Workplaces and Future of Work

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt and redefine the way people interact personally, socially and professionally, the need to stay connected through distributed channels has become more critical than ever. As remote working being the new norm in the post COVID era, enterprises are actively looking at various tools and technologies that enable remote work.

This exclusive and power-packed session hosted by Microland, would discuss to address three key pillars that organization need to be recalibrate while transforming to a remote workplace – Connectivity, Security and Experience. The transformation of ‘Remote Workplace’ to ‘Winning Workplace’ would be the new normal. 

The session will provide insights on re-calibrating workplace architecture for the new normal and how one can establish a safe ecosystem in the working environment using AIOps platforms to proactively identify remote working issues and performance to improve experience. A zero touch IT support enabled by AI and Bots for providing IT support to Remote workers in conjunction with self-heal and self-help for quick and easy fix to give more productivity hours to remote workers.

The need of the hour is to focus on -

1.    What are the changing demands and challenges of modern workplace during and post COVID era?
2.    What are the key remote workplace solutions to build and strengthen the workplace environment against new demands and challenges?
3.    How can organizations accelerate and execute the right fit solution to build a flexible, reliable, stable and secure workplace architecture

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Srikara C R
Srikara C R
Senior Vice President - Consulting & Service Management, Microland