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Virtual Event : Journey to Cyber Resilience – Right approach to OT Security

As manufacturers are accelerating their journey to OT-IT convergence to unlock new levels of efficiencies, they face a host of new cyber risks. Embracing this convergence to its fullest requires a robust approach to cyber resilience. Once isolated or unknown OT end points like PLCs, DCS, HMIs, SCADA and others are vulnerable if left unattended over the network, and any security breach in such environments can have serious impact leading to revenue losses, environmental damage or even loss of life.

Recent cyberattacks on various manufacturers highlight how much cybersecurity has changed and expose the vulnerability of firms to new and evolving attack methods. Alongside traditional preventive approaches, usually focused on IT vulnerability, CIOs and CISOs need to develop an OT security strategy incorporating contemporary detection, response and predictive capabilities. These capabilities will enable organizations to be faster at reacting to eventual breaches, and to try to predict their occurrence.

Join experts from Microland and Cisco as they demonstrate a robust and comprehensive approach to Cyber Resilience to provide a secure, purpose and performance focused  production environment.

Key learning objectives:

  • Secure your critical networks from adversaries during periods of higher risk
  • Build an integrated OT-IT response strategy
  • Maximize security related returns on  investment (ROI)


Robert Rash
Principal Industrial Architect IoT, Microland
Fabien Maisl
Product Marketing Manager, IoT Cybersecurity, Cisco
Manjanath Nayak
Senior Vice President & Global Head of IoT, Microland
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