event-calender Dec 07, 2022
event-time-black 4 PM BST
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Automated Ops – the Mantra for Reliable Digital Infrastructure

Unfaltering experience is a critical differentiator to Digital businesses today. Experience Quality in terms of Zero-downtime planned or otherwise, agile, and rapid feature releases, dynamic scalability, absolutely reliable performance, and security are mandatory. Every time this Quality slips, the business loses money, and customers. Yet, most enterprises are still grappling with very large incident volumes, unreliable performance, and unpredictable consequences of change. While Automation of Ops has helped mitigate these effects, the benefits seen are around 20-30% improvements, not the 10X improvements that businesses need.

Microland’s Platform First Approach takes a completely different perspective to Operations. Instead of improving existing manual operations with Automation, Platform First uses an Automated Ops model derived from the engineering practices of Web-Scale giants. Automated Ops combines Deep Observability, representing the infrastructure, configuration and policy of every element in an environment as code and managing change as a transaction. The work in Automated Ops is done by Smart Workflows and Knowledge is resident within the platform. This is truly thinking of Operations as Code.

The focus of this webinar was to understand what Automated Ops is, the order of magnitude benefits it delivers and how it is realized on a platform that has ServiceNow as its core. 

The webinar provided insights on Automated Ops, and the impact it can potentially deliver on service availability.

Key Takeaways

  • How to leverage and extend your ServiceNow investment to get to uber-reliable Digital Infrastructure
  • How to combine Full Stack Observability, infrastructure, configuration, and policy managed as code, change managed as Transactions and Smart Workflows to deliver 10x better user experience
  • How to extend the same principles of Operations as Code to actual business processes and end-user workflows thus giving seamless visibility and control over the full stack of your digital business

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Hakan Isik
Senior Manager Solution Consulting Benelux - Technology Workflows, ServiceNow
Meeta Akhelikar
Senior Director - Public Sector Growth - Microland
Satish Sukumar
Senior Vice President - Global Head (Platforms), Microland