Cyber Security
Switch to state-of-the-art analytics-driven cyber defense solutions

As enterprises move into a digital era and adopt new technologies such as cloud, mobile and IIoT, the growing touch points between their assets, data and applications are presenting new challenges to enterprise security. Everything, from medical equipment to construction gear and from financial services to retail operations, is becoming the target of an increasing number of extremely sophisticated and constantly evolving cyberattacks from dark actors. Smart digital enterprises are responding quickly by adopting pro-active and pre-emptive cybersecurity measures, without delaying their digital transformation initiatives.

Microland’s comprehensive suite of security services provides an analytics-driven approach to cyber defense management.  We bring more than a decade of experience in managing security for large enterprises across geographies and combine it with technology partnerships, best practices, domain expertise, and analytics to ensure clients have the most effective response to an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our best-in-class cybersecurity service that is integral to digital acceleration for enterprises includes Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Identity Access Management (IAM), Security Device & Endpoint Security Management, Vulnerability Management, and Data Privacy & GDPR Service.

The services are integrated with our state-of-the-art smartThink automation and analytics platform providing organizations real time visibility into their cyber security health and compliance posture, while our as-a-Service model reduces the cost of in-house security operations. 

Managed Detection & Response
Use state-of-the-art analytics and intelligence to proactively hunt cybersecurity threats and enable immediate response
Security Assessments
Evaluate security needs, stay compliant and support adoption of NextGen technologies with greater confidence
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