Invisible Onsite Support

Invisible Onsite Support

High Touch to Hi-Tech transition with people, platforms, and processes

Traditional onsite support, such as, hands-on, hardware-focused, and physical desk-side work has now transitioned to remote invisible onsite support service - largely driven by post pandemic disruptions in digital technologies, process maturity, and evolution of flexible working models. With most companies opting for hybrid office spaces complemented by an uptick in employees connecting remotely, Microland has invested in platforms that allow engineers to support from remote work locations. Partnering with leading workplace and virtualization service providers along with upskilling people and upgrading processes, Microland’s Invisible Onsite Support service offerings enable a seamless transition to full remote support services. Our range of invisible onsite support services include:

Intel vPro for Increased Remote Support

We provide augmented out-of-band remote support for the remote workforce by leveraging the inbuilt functionality available on Intel vPro chipsets that are present in almost all new-age devices. This solution offers our onsite support team the ability to manage hardware and software issues such as OS repair, BSOD, Device drivers, and hardware failures which otherwise cannot be performed without physically accessing the end-user device. Enterprises can expect end-to-end device management with 50% reduced onsite visits. It not only helps increase user productivity but also reduces the onsite costs significantly.

Real-time Video Support

We leverage modern technologies to reduce onsite dependency and increase remote resolution. In this solution, when the end-user calls the Service Desk, the engineer sends a link to the user’s mobile to capture the video of the device issue and attach it to the Ticket. Integrated with an ITSM platform, the ticket is routed with video/image of the hardware issue enabling faster resolution. The solution includes:

  • Smart Whiteboarding which supports technicians to annotate on-screen, on any device. This annotation stays in place, even if the device is moving
  • Adaptive Video Quality enabling fluid streaming regardless of the internet connection bandwidth
  • Auto Focus which helps technicians focus on the issue area

IoT Solutions for Remote Support

IoT solutions for enhanced touchless, invisible onsite support such as Asset Tracking, Meeting room bookings, hot-desking, etc.

Digital Lockers

Microland’s Digital locker service offers automated IMAC (Install, Move, Add and Change) and Break-fix solutions. We identify potential sites which can have digital lockers in place of a dedicated onsite location while most of the work is done by remote teams using remote solutions. This service reduces the onsite staff considerably, hence driving cost optimization. Locations with larger user populations can also be potential sites for these invisible onsite support services to improve the user experience further and automate the complete onboarding process.


Microland’s analytics platform improves Digital employee experience and employee productivity by arming service desk engineers with greater insights into end-user devices and analytical data which includes both historical and real-time data. Unlike traditional service desk services, our Smart Service Desk engineers leverage this data to resolve issues more at the service desk thereby reducing onsite dependency. Microland ensures that the respective ITIL processes are tied for proactive issue resolution, effective change management, and proactive problem management which further reduces the number of tickets over a period.

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  • Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Senior Director, Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Manickam leads employee productivity & collaboration services under Digital Workplace. His expertise includes driving Modern Unified Endpoint Management, User Productivity & Collaboration, and Nextgen User Experience Management. Manickam has over 24+ years of industry experience and specializes in IT infrastructure management space and consulting services.
  • Mahesh Kumar Gupta
    Mahesh Kumar Gupta
    Global Practice Leader – Digital Workplace Services
    Mahesh is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in Digital Workplace Services. At Microland, Mahesh leads the Digital Workplace Practice and is responsible for strategizing solution approach, anchoring sales proposals and crafting go-to-market offerings and delivery handover. Additionally, he is also the Client Solutions Leader for Digital Workplace services for the India Geography. He has vast experience in managing large scale due diligence and transition programs for customers across APAC, EMEA and the USA.
  • Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Associate Director - Digital Workplace Services
    Yamini Sarath has over 19 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in Service Creation, Service Delivery, Service Management Consulting, and Solution Engineering. As a Solution Director of Digital Workplace Services, he is responsible for building service capabilities in the areas of user experience, productivity, and performance improvements in the workplace. In this role, Yamini is not only responsible for bringing innovative ideas and initiatives but enables Microland delivery teams and pre-sales function to work in unison and speak the same language to a client prospect.