SD-WAN Transformation: Why, How and with Whom?
Aug 20, 2020

SD-WAN Transformation: Why, How and with Whom?

SD-WAN is the buzz word in today’s digital economy, as every organization is inclined to adopt SD-WAN not only as part of their journey towards future and but also to alleviate some of the key issues they face in today’s dynamic infrastructure operations. The network traffic pattern is so dynamic since application workloads keep moving between private & cloud infrastructures while users at the other end of the WAN keep moving in and out of office boundary to access enterprise applications from home or public hotspots. The need for speed and rapid scalability has increased many times. While organizations are adopting hybrid WAN strategy with distributed internet and security to counter the performance issues of such dynamic environments, there is a need to have an intelligent traffic routing solution at the WAN edge which is fulfilled by SD-WAN. This paper takes a deep-dive into the why we need WAN edge transformation, how to leverage SD-WAN to deliver on its promise, and who should drive the transformation.
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