Case Studies
Database consolidation and upgrades implemented by Microland help a global IT services provider reduce management complexity, lower management cost and improve security...
Using industry best practices and automation, Microland reduced manual efforts for troubleshooting by 50% and improved database performance for a global IT services provider...
Microland reduced operational costs by 18% through modernized infrastructure for a global provider of aviation services.
Microland boosts employee productivity by 50% for an India-based real estate leader...
Microland’s SharePoint expertise improves collaboration and lowers incident count by 17%
Microland improves online sales and reduces monitoring costs by more than 50% for the world’s largest supplier of automotive components
Microland enables enhanced organization-wide collaboration for a global engineering software and solutions provider
Microland’s solution enables rapid go-to-market through a ~ 98% reduction in development wait times for a leading smartphone handset insurance company
Microland’s data warehousing solutions deliver a 40% boost to BI and ETL performance for a US-based global leader of sales and service-oriented software solutions