Microland believes in good corporate citizenship. We have a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the communities we serve and society at large. Our social and environment stewardship programmes are a reflection of this commitment.
Focus areas:

Our focus is on the three Es - Education, Employability and Environment. The underlying principle and goals of these programmes guide us in staying socially responsible. Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) led to the establishment of the Microland Foundation in 2016. The foundation serves as a dedicated not-for- profit body to conceptualize and oversee our social programs.

Education is the bedrock of social and economic development, and one’s socio-economic status should not act as a deterrent to realizing one’s personal potential.
To work on the systemic barriers to education so that every individual, whether child, youth or adult is able to benefit from educational opportunities designed to meet their basic learning needs.
Employability skill development is a key to address the opportunities & challenges of the rapidly changing economy & labor market.
To work on job-readiness programs that empower individuals from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds with skills to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupation.
Environment is integral to a healthy community and enhances human well-being.
To spearhead initiatives that address environmental problems, restore the environment and which create a sense of awareness and appreciation for environment conservation.
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