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Mar 12, 2013

'Co-Creation' – An imperative for MNC Centres to become more relevant to their Parent Organizations

Joint Whitepaper on Driving Innovation through Co-Creation by Zinnov and Microland

Bangalore – Zinnov, a leading Globalization and Marketing Expansion firm, and Microland Limited, a leading IT Infrastructure Services Provider, today launched a joint whitepaper on "Driving Innovation through Co-creation", thereby addressing the current challenges faced by MNC centres (also known as ‘Global In House Centres’) in India.

The released whitepaper brings to light the fact that currently the centres (GICs) have reached a level of optimal maturity in delivering on R&D, IT, Business Process, and Knowledge services. Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) is still a green field area for these centres with significant scope for optimization and innovation. It provides them an opportunity to evolve into a multi-function center and even derive benefits of economies of scale.

It adds that the CIOs of parent organizations are traversing the traditional IT cycle and are rebuilding their IT, using emerging technologies and innovative service delivery models. To accomplish this, the CIOs are expecting their MNC centres to deliver innovative solutions in infrastructure services space in addition to delivering robust 24x7 IMS. The parent organizations also expect the centres to achieve a steady state for any green field initiative, within 2 years of inception from the earlier tenure of 5 years. This puts additional pressure on them to work with the ecosystem to find solutions for delivery & innovation.

This has made it imperative for these MNC centres to partner with the ecosystem to drive innovation through co-creation. It provides them with the opportunity to proactively grow their foot print within their enterprises and drive tangible and noticeable transformation. The released whitepaper captures the essence of the co-creation approach (MNC centre along with the Service Provider) and its relevance for these centres in today’s changing scenario. The captives should trust the service provider and endeavor to provide as much access as possible to its environment, stakeholders and problem statement to ensure the success of this approach.

Speaking about this imperative, Mr. Sundararaman Vishwanathan, Manager – Consulting, Zinnov, said, “Innovation is no more considered a value-add; it is now a service delivery imperative. Today MNC centres cannot be a provider of point solutions anymore. Instead, they should be able to deliver integrated services across the complex spectrum of physical, virtual, mobile and cloud enabled IT infrastructure, to the parent organization”.

Speaking at the launch, Sharad Heda, President – India & Middle East, Microland said, “Today GICs expect their service providers to provide advisory services with respect to adoption of emerging technologies and partner in transformation initiatives; in addition to improving operational efficiencies. Our strong belief in long term benefits of co-creation, proven delivery frameworks, deep understanding of the IT Infrastructure space and robust governance methodologies enable us to meet these expectations and find solutions to newer challenges jointly with our customers. The co-creation model has higher chances of succeeding, as the initiatives have strong management commitment from both the organizations and make the partnership more strategic.”


About Zinnov

Founded in 2002, Zinnov – meaning Zeal in Innovation – is a leading Globalization and Market Expansion Advisory firm, with specialization in areas like Global Sourcing, Emerging Markets Expansion, Human Capital Optimization, Small & Medium Businesses, Innovation, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Mobility. Zinnov provides advice to global leaders in business and technology and works collectively with them to tackle prevailing organizational challenges by analyzing changing dynamics, improving performance, and building institutional capability. The services delivered to its clients through advanced reasoning and analytical techniques, provides solutions that help in integrating organizational vision, business definition and processes.


About Microland

Microland is India’s leading specialist IT infrastructure Management, virtualization & cloud services provider with a global footprint. Microland today is a co-creator of a cloud-enabled tomorrow & a service integrator. Microland’s services address the complete IT Infrastructure needs of an organization through the SmartFutureTM offering which includes Cloud Computing, Collaboration, Virtualization, and Mobility services and the SmartNowTM offering which includes Infrastructure Management Services, IT Modernization Services, Assurance and Compliance Services and Technical Support Services. Microland is a comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Lifecycle services provider enabling enterprises to transform to the on-demand IT delivery services space leveraging cloud and hybrid environments. Through a unique IP built into its service delivery platform, Microland leverages analytics, automation and assurance to deliver reduced TCO, greater IT-Business alignment and higher performance for customers. The recent awards won by Microland are – rated amongst the Top 10 Infrastructure Management Providers by Global Services in 2012; the Best Infrastructure Partner (India) for the 8th year running by Microsoft; ranked 8th and 2nd amongst The Top 20 Remote Infrastructure Management vendors and for Data Centre Management capabilities respectively by the Black Book of Outsourcing. Microland is headquartered in Bangalore and employs over 2,400 professionals worldwide.

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