• Our relationship with Microland has been very productive, rewarding and valuable. Our IT organization has benefitted from Microland’s process improvements, knowledgeable staff, strong talent retention and deep partnership.

    Abby Hosseini, Chief Technology Officer, Mercury Insurance Group
  • Our confidence has grown multi-fold with the success of our IT service center in Microland. The team's passion for the account and our customers is very visible. When we were debating how to manage our remote infrastructure services, Microland was the obvious choice. And once again they have made it a big success.

    CIO, top 10 global law firm based in UK
  • We had several options while selecting a partner to manage our IT infrastructure, but we decided on Microland for the same reasons that have served them exceedingly well over the last two decades – core competence on IT management, a relentless focus on client experience, and their honesty in business relationships. Our experience with Microland over the last two years has been one of the most productive for me as a CIO, and for our global company driven by technology innovations.

    CIO and SVP of logistics, leading US environmental solutions company
  • Microland has always demonstrated very high levels of commitment in ensuring that they exceed in each of the services they have provided. My relationship with Microland over the years has been very fruitful and I am confident that their passion for high customer satisfaction will deliver much great results in the years to come.

    CEO, one of the largest banks in the Middle East
  • Microland has developed a credible suite of IT services automation solutions that span across IT operations, workplace, cloud, and analytics / reporting. Clients have praised Microland’s proactiveness in pushing automation within existing contracts, high level of integration of solutions with existing client tools, and overall flexibility and agility showcased within implementation services offered.

    Partner, Information Technology services at Everest Group