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When it comes to delivering a rich user experience, mobility, and flexibility, VDI is your best option. VDI prevents data breaches because the data does not reside at the edge (AKA endpoints) but rather in a centralized data center. With VDI, users access internal resources using a secure encryption protocol that works even on a low-bandwidth connection as the data is accessed via a stream of pixels.

Microland has frameworks and tools to map personas based upon the usage and security needs of different stakeholders from the CXO to entry-level and across various enterprise departmental functions: on-site and remote. This is inclusive of contractors and seasonal employees. Our recommendations address BCP, DR scenarios as well as 100% Remote Workforce.

Another advantage of VDI is that it opens up different means to finance: hosting the resources on-premise (Capex), shift to cloud, or hybrid (OpEx).


Microland turnkey solutions help global enterprises in their virtualization journey. These comprise:

R-Assess - A Microland VDI Readiness Assessment framework that focuses on analyzing enterprise Users’ fitment & IT readiness to adopt, deploy, and manage the VDI ecosystem.

EMDaaS - A Microland solution framework to design, build, and operationalize VDI environment and enable Desktop-as-a-Service.

MPASS - An Audit framework to analyze & optimize existing VDI environment for Manageability, Performance, Availability, Scalability & Security.

ManageD - A Microland VDI environment management framework to monitor and manage end-to-end VDI environment.


VDI should be considered for these benefits:

Increased productivity - Since virtual desktops can be accessed using multiple devices, your staff can work from anywhere at any time using any device. In the event of a device not working, your employee can easily log on to another one and continue working without any loss of data. 

You also increase your productivity by reducing downtime due to installing patches and new software on individual devices.

Improved security - With virtual desktops, your data is in a central remote server. This server has multiple protection layers against physical and virtual threats, safeguarded by certified security experts, with backup and disaster recovery plans in place.


Solutions & Services
Desktop as a Service
Desktop as a Service
Desktop as a Service
Microland DaaS delivers unified management across Cloud, Hybrid, and Hosted VDIs to simplify the architecture and significantly ratchet down the complexity typically associated with deploying and managing the desktop virtualization stack.
VDI Design & Implementation
VDI Design & Implementation
VDI Design & Implementation
Scale to the demands of an ever-expanding business ask with high shareability whilst ensuring security in the context of increased vulnerability.
VDI Platform Managed Service
VDI Platform Managed Service
VDI Platform Managed Service
Operationalize your VDI platform with Microland's proprietary frameworks and tools across various organisational tiers.
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    Manickam Sethuramalingam
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