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Unified Endpoint Management

End-to-end management service for all end user devices, apps, and data across hybrid workplaces

As businesses navigate their way to a post-pandemic world, the workplace has become highly decentralized with hybrid and remote operations becoming the preferred mode of work model. In a decentralized workplace setup, employees expect their companies to offer technologies that enable them to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. In such cases, it becomes imperative for organizations to provide their employees with the flexibility to choose a platform of their choice for a consistent and user-friendly experience. Fragmented device landscape coupled with the growing complexity in deploying applications has made it difficult for IT teams to provide a consistently great employee experience.

Microland’s unified endpoint management service focuses on managing the full lifecycle of any endpoint – mobile, and even IoT and enables contextual access to corporate assets based on user persona, device, and location. It is a modular service offered as part of Microland’s Device as a Service.

Our Unified Endpoint Management capabilities span across multiple products and technologies. Strengthened by our partnership with leading virtualization technology providers, Microland’s Unified Endpoint Management service leverages end-to-end cloud-managed and zero-trust-based solutions such as Microsoft Intune, Citrix Endpoint Management, and VMware Workspace ONE to provide a unified platform for device management. We also simplify device management, ensuring device compliance to provide employees with a holistic experience that empowers them to productively work from anywhere, anytime on any device. Our teams are adept at mobile device management tools such as XenMobile, MobileIron, Microsoft EMS, AirWatch etc. We ensure modern device management brings less IT overheads and operational efficiencies and empowers end-users with self-service functionalities with MinimalOps.

With the hybrid work model becoming the new normal, it brings its own challenges of security deficiencies such as password sharing, insecure Wi-Fi connections, and device sharing. Displaced and disconnected from secure corporate networks, threat actors can breach accounts and execute cyber-attacks, putting the organization's reputation, assets, stakeholders, and customers at stake. One way to solve these security challenges is to integrate UEM with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services

Microland’s VDI services empower organizations to deploy secure, remote apps and desktops to users at scale - while providing superior experience and simplifying management. VDI prevents data breaches because the data does not reside at the edge but rather in a centralized data center. With VDI, users access internal resources using a secure encryption protocol that works even on a low-bandwidth connection as the data is accessed via a stream of pixels.

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  • Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Senior Director, Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Manickam leads employee productivity & collaboration services under Digital Workplace. His expertise includes driving Modern Unified Endpoint Management, User Productivity & Collaboration, and Nextgen User Experience Management. Manickam has over 24+ years of industry experience and specializes in IT infrastructure management space and consulting services.
  • Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Associate Director - Digital Workplace Services
    Yamini Sarath has over 19 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in Service Creation, Service Delivery, Service Management Consulting, and Solution Engineering. As a Solution Director of Digital Workplace Services, he is responsible for building service capabilities in the areas of user experience, productivity, and performance improvements in the workplace. In this role, Yamini is not only responsible for bringing innovative ideas and initiatives but enables Microland delivery teams and pre-sales function to work in unison and speak the same language to a client prospect.