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Evergreen Endpoint Management: From Vulnerability to Strength 

In a matter of weeks this past spring, IT teams around the world were tasked with enforcing a new take on employee-friendly BYOD policies. We named this trend BYOO (become your own office) as companies instructed millions of employees to work from home. Overnight, security perimeters were pushed far to the edge, devices and applications proliferated and cyber villians saw vast opportunity.

Even before COVID-19, securing and managing multiple devices per employee was a challenge for internal resources. Now myriad devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones are accessing an astonishing variety of types of applications. With little congruity in terms of application version management, differing levels of patching hygiene on the part of application vendors, and often a lack of visibility into compromised endpoints, maintaining device resiliency is a complex task. Even harder: making endpoint management seamless, while providing a true (not false) sense of security. 

Luckily, Microland was built for this. For decades, our bread and butter has been stitching together disparate systems and managing them to deliver reliable, secure, and scalable digital availability. When it comes to Unified Endpoint Management, our capability spans products and technologies. Our teams are adept at single platform endpoint management (Microsoft Intune, Citrix Endpoint Management or VMware WorkspaceONE) and mobile device management tools (XenMobile, MobileIron, Microsoft EMS, Good, AirWatch) as well as being deeply schooled in all manner of operating systems and gateways (Android, MAC, Chrome, Windows, devices running IoT-specific OS, proprietary or non-proprietary IoT gateways, etc.)

As organizations toggle between BYOO, everyone back together in offices or hybrid approaches, endpoint protection is 100%
necessary for adhering to compliance and privacy regulations, while steering clear of the reputation harm a breach can bring.

Solutions & Services
Managed Desktop Services
Managed Desktop Services
Managed Desktop Services
Ensures faster, more effective deployments, provides better opportunities for business continuity and lowers your operating costs. Free up your IT team to focus on priorities.
Application Packaging Services
Application Packaging Services
Application Packaging Services
Reduce the hassle of application packaging with our packaging lab run by a dedicated team of experienced engineers who test for conflicts, quality and delivery and transfer for implementation in your environment.
Endpoint Security Services
Endpoint Security Services
Endpoint Security Services
Provide for the need of reliable endpoint security that supports compliance, privacy and other regulatory requirements.
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  • Raj Kumar Thakur
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace Services
    Raj has over 20 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in service creation, service delivery, service management consulting and solution engineering.
  • Dhiraj Manohar
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Dhiraj is a deeply experienced Client Solution leader for Modern Business & IT with a skill set that covers Architecture, IT Service Management, Partner Alliances, Digital Solutions Provisioning (including Large Deals for M&As), Digital Transformation, and Legacy Modernization. A detail-oriented juggler of multiple balls, Dhiraj simplifies complexity and roots out inefficiency so that new solutions can flourish.
  • Abhishek Hiremath
    Principal Architect, Digital Workplace Solutions
    Abhishek is a VMware, AWS and Microsoft certified solutions architect with over 14 years experience. Abhishek brings a uniquely innovative, yet pragmatic, approach to analyzing complex business needs and conceptualizing — then deploying — cutting-edge, reliable, and scalable solutions for clients on their digital transformation journeys.