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Security Operation Center as a Service (SOCaaS)

Advanced Cyber-threat protection that has you covered. 

Cybersecurity can’t be an afterthought to the organizations during the digital transformation journey. Microland’s built-in security approach helps to identify and detect cyber threats at the root level and protect organizations against devastating attacks. With the recent pandemic and the subsequent acceleration of  cloud adoption, BYOD policy and Work from Anywhere model by most enterprises, the threat landscape has grown exponentially. Since most employees are connecting remotely through unsecure devices and networks and are accessing critical applications and servers, they are exposing organizations’ critical assets to advanced and persistent threats.

To address these challenges of growing threat landscape, advanced and persistent threats targeting organizations through attack vectors like phishing, ransomware/malware etc., we require an Advanced SOC powered by NextGen SIEM with UEBA, SOAR, Security Data Lake capabilities. Traditional SOC are no longer capable to handle the explosion of data/logs, monitoring and detecting threats in real time, leverage AI/ML techniques in the Security Data lake to identify coordinated attacks.

Microland SOCaaS is an Advanced Cloud-hosted SOC solution leveraging a NextGen SIEM to provide 24x7 threat monitoring & alerting, threat hunting & containment, user entity behavior analytics, threat intelligence, security orchestration and automated response against constantly evolving threat landscape and advanced attack vectors



For the SOCaaS solution, we are leveraging four leading NextGen SIEM platforms: Securonix, Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Cysiv and Microland’s in-house developed Modular Cloud-based ngSIEM. We are leveraging these multiple  SIEM platforms to cater to the varying of needs of customers across industry verticals and sizes (from global to small enterprises). We also support a broad range of SIEM platforms for customers who opt for bespoke SOC solution with platforms & tools of their choice.

To cater to varying security needs of the customer, Microland offers end-to-end SOCaaS bundled offerings with Endpoint Detection & Response, Vulnerability Management, Identity & Access Management, Cloud Security, Data security in three different packages: Security Core, Security Core Plus & Security Premium.

The customers will have a choice of ngSIEM platforms, EDR platforms and other tools/platforms leveraged & choice of delivery models like dedicated tenant, shared, co-managed based on customer needs & in consideration regional data sovereign regulations.


Microland SOCaaS Packages:



Solutions & Services
SOC 1.0 Services
SOC 1 .0 Services
SOC 1 .0 Services
SOC 1.0 Services address traditional security challenges with SIEM based security monitoring. The SIEM platform is integrated with multiple security tools and platforms like perimeter security devices, endpoints and access management.
SOC 2.0 Services
SOC 2 .0 Services
SOC 2 .0 Services
SOC 2.0 services offer advanced threat monitoring and response capabilities with the help of security analytics, ML/AI , security orchestration automation, and response and threat intelligence. SOC 2.0 services monitors and manages the threat landscape from data center to cloud, end-point to servers and IaaS to SaaS. It also performs Dark web monitoring, threat hunting, and advanced threat intelligence services.
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  • Robert Wysocki
    Robert Wysocki
    Senior Vice President & Global Client Solutions Leader - Network & Cyber Security
    Robert (Bob) is a seasoned IT evangelist with over 30 years of industry experience, gained at Fortune 20 as well as start-up organizations. At Microland, Bob's responsibilities include driving innovation, incubating emerging technologies and enabling customers to leverage key digital technologies for rapid business and operational transformation.
  • Vasudev Surabhi
    Vasudev Surabhi
    Director, Network & Cyber Security
    Vasudev Surabhi has 16 years of consulting experience in the Cyber Security domain. At Microland, he creates methodologies that help organizations achieve robust defense controls and is credited with innovative approaches in building ground up Nextgen cyber security solutions. He is also an author, cyber trends researcher, and covers emerging security technologies at various Cyber Security forums.