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Sep 17, 2018

Digital acceleration services for Smarter Workplaces in Middle East

Digital disruption is the most discussed topic in this era of what is popularly termed the 4th Industrial Revolution and it has brought in a sea change in the way an organization works or delivers its goods and services to their end customers. We are now in an era where the largest movie businesses do not own movie theatres (Netflix), the largest taxi company in the globe owns no car (Uber)and the largest real estate & hospitality company does not own any real estate or hotels (Airbnb). At the same time, there are many traditional businesses that continue to transform on a 2-Speed IT (McKinsey) / Bi-modal IT (Gartner) way. Digital transformation (DX) has also redefined workplaces with Wi-Fi First approach and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), leveraging connectedness, staff fluidity and democratization via smartphones and IoT. Microland takes a look at the challenges and the solutions to setting up a smarter workplace. We approach the evolution of ‘SmartBranch’ operations by leveraging five digital accelerators.