Jun 10, 2020

Driving change using Smart Manufacturing

Microland’s client is one of the largest refractory manufacturing company in India and provides products and services for Coke event, Pellet plants, DRI, Blast furnaces, Stoves, Troughs etc. The client manufactures a wide range of products like Basic, Dolomite, High Alumina, Monolithics, Silica, Taphole Clay, and RH Snorkel Refractories. The client embarked upon an Industry 4.0 journey to stay competitive and scale up its operations. The objectives of the project included improving operations & product quality, modernizing the floor processes, and build a predictive approach to maintenance. Microland was chosen as the partner to drive the transformation because of its deep IT-OT expertise combined with analytics capabilities. Download this success story to know more about the journey.
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