Assoc. Lead - App Dev

1 - 5 years of experience
Job Description

Assoc Lead - App Dev/ App Dev

>>>>> TCOE explores and identifies new technologies and applies it in Microland to create new possibilities for our customers and Microlanders. The team expands the boundary of what’s possible by means of creating new patterns, practices and products. TCOE takes pride in being a high performing team that drives results in record time with admirable levels of quality. The team possesses and continues to amplify the conditions and environment to nurture great-performing engineers.

>>>>> Technical

>>>>> 1-5 years of experience in developing web/backend/mobile/api apps.

>>>>> Passionate to contribute in architecting, designing and developing SaaS scale applications - web/mobile/api/backend.

>>>>> Basic+ (Intermediate+ preferred) level knowledge on AWS/Azure/GCP

>>>>> Basic+ and Windows/Linux

>>>>> Deep familiarity/experience in Python/C++/C#/Go/Rust/Modern web-frameworks (any)- should be willing to explore and learn other languages/frameworks. Knowledge in modern UI frameworks/mobile dev. is an advantage.

>>>>> Passionate in building world-class user experiences and compelling value props, influence/own product features, capabilities and roadmaps.

>>>>> Trustable to make thoughtful/meaningful decisions in a highly autonomous environment.

>>>>> Willingness to be full-stack & a strong desire and inclination to execute ideas.

>>>>> Ability to work in a highly competitive team with sports team like dynamics.

>>>>> Be tenacious in learning new tech/misc and execute based on that in highly evolving conditions.

>>>>> Ability to to make decisions with limited details and information.

>>>>> Experiment to devise new methods/practices to validate and invent/innovate.

>>>>> Create energy, add clarity for the team and drive results for components/services/ products in one’s scope of authority and accountability.

>>>>> Be a 10x programmer, be resourceful, know the basics, learn the basics.

>>>>> Other traits

>>>>> Ability to articulate (and listen & convince if reqd.) complex ideas/engg. methods/features to team mates and customers.

>>>>> Ability to give and receive feedback; ask great questions, explain engg. design/architecture/value proposition to internal stakeholders/customers - and switch between tech and non-tech language based on situations.

>>>>> Ability to navigate ideas amongst team members and the organisation.

>>>>> Ensure successful and timely completion of modules/features assigned or attributed to you. Assume full ownership of these components.

>>>>> Awareness of the entire product design with reasonable levels of

>>>>> implementation details regardless of variation in tech

>>>>> stacks/features in one’s ownership Be bold and experiment -

>>>>> craft/adopt/recommend world-class engineering practices and patterns.

>>>>> Execution > idea, be biased towards execution. Crucial to EXECUTE on ideas agreed upon.

>>>>> Exhibit autonomy in thoughts on features, methods, processes, management methods etc and bring positive changes in the long run Respect - engage others with respect in your conversations and communications. In a highly charged environment disagreements/variety in ideas are common but be aware to handle/resolve conflicts with others respectfully.

>>>>> Be willing to express opinions/ideas to improve products/methods - even unpopular or contrarian views/ideas.

>>>>> Envision product features through the eyes of a potential user.

>>>>> Demonstrate empathy for users by creating simplistic user experience/usage journeys Create path breaking ways of creating experiences in ways not done before; when convinced the new way is better - even when when traditional methods indicates otherwise & especially when so.

>>>>> Devise and execute ways/methods/formats/ medium to communicate effectiveness, utility, appeal, efficiency of the product.

>>>>> Create new possibilities with your awareness/knowledge of new technological capabilities.

>>>>> Demonstrate thought leadership in areas/scope where product participates/competes.

>>>>> Mentorship- share your knowledge, experience and skill with others. Participate, influence and positively impact performance of teammates and other Microlanders Identify hard problems and opportunities, evaluate the pros/cons of practical solutions, and drive (make decisions) decision making.

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.