Sr. Analyst - App Support

6 - 8 years of experience
Job Description
Operating System
_Monitoring OS disk management, drives/ mount points aligned to sever
_Maintain connectivity to the server with opened ports including FTP/SCP/SSH/MSTSC etc.  as well as diagnose the issue and present to respective team for resolution
_ Implement database cluster on  any OS cluster server
_Handle any OEM, RMAN, User managed backup, export import and expdp & impdp.
Database Management
_Configure authentication
_Work other support groups in isolating failures and performance degrade
_Fix performance related issues, identify and analyze root cause
_Suggest work around and permanent solutions in discussions with OEM
_Carry out changes, analyze statistics and take statistics report.
High Availability
_Construct cluster and document the same for Operations.
_ Data replication, Clustering and Mirroring
Enterprise Management Tools - Native
_Configure DB console on any OS 
_Customize enterprise database console
_Manage the data layer and particular areas of potential challenge/risk in the data layer
_Enterprise database administration using a leading RDBMS ideally in both a front line support and a project support capacity
_Monitor, disaster recovery, backup, recovery, upgrade, migration, deployment.

_Implement backup and recovery strategies on heterogeneous environment
_Recover data with minimal data loss

Database Migration/Upgradation
_Handling database migrations for large enterprises with database sizes over 2 TB
_Fix the schema or data type mismatches which could crop up due to the migration
_Perform migrations to IaaS and Paas 
_Translate functional requirements into technical solutions, exploiting innovation where appropriate.
_Propose recommended and/or best practices regarding the movement, manipulation, and storage of data.
_Address governance and security challenges associated with data."
Performance Tuning
_Proactively Identify and resolve various performance bottlenecks at DB / Application level 
_Work with various teams to resolve performance issues (development, DBA) "
PL-SQL Scripting
_Manage logical Data Models e.g. merging transactional data within a transaction table with relevant reference data residing in other databases                                                    _Design, develop and deploy business rules and requirement into PL/SQL and ETL code for data analysis, transformation, and cleansing.
_Write Complex SQL Queries, Dynamic SQL, Analytical function, various Oracle Objects, etc.

Technical Skills
Systems Administration, Network Administration (F)
Data Management (P)
High Availability (P)
IT Enterprise Management Tools (P)
Database backup and Recovery (P)
Database Migration (P)
Database Monitoring & Performance Tuning (P)
Behavioral Skills
Email  Communication, Presentation, Public Speaking  (P)
Strategic Thinking, Transactions Processing, Planning (P)
Analytical Thinking, Scientific Temperament (A)
Interpersonal Skills (P), Nurturing Relationships (A)
Customer Service Orientation, Business Appreciation (A)

 Proficiency Legend: (A) - Aware;  (F) - Familiar;  (P) - Proficient;  (E) - Expert.
We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.