Sr. Administrator - Security

3 - 5 years of experience
Job Description
Security Event Monitoring (SIEM)

1) Troubleshoot with other support group on the systems that are not logging into the SIEM.

2) Correlate events to identify the impacted device/service groups for next action.

3) Create Security Reports in SIEM.

4) Monitor the Security Event as per the defined Event monitoring procedure for number of devices logging into SIEM.

Data Security (DLP)

1) Identify critical information in the given network / clients by scanning.

2) Perform DLP Event monitoring of Email transactions from Source Email ID to Destination Email ID via Network DLP and analyze for policy violations based on SOP.

Web Security (Content Filtering)

1) Perform SSL Inspection on Content Filtering.

2) Monitor the Web Security Event as per the defined Web Security Event monitoring procedure.

3) Perform whitelisting and Blacklisting for Web Site URL as per the define SOP.

Endpoint Security (Antivirus)

1) Perform monitoring of the End Users Systems and Servers for Out-of-Date Virus Definitions as per the defined Antivirus Event monitoring procedure.

2) Develop Antivirus reports for Users Systems and Servers.

3) Analysis of identified virus/worm/Trojan on End User System and Servers as per the defined procedure.

Vulnerability Management

1) Navigate and understand Vulnerability Management tools like Quays, Nessus, Rapid7, Found Stone etc.

2) Export schedules VA Scan report as per the requirement. 3). Analyze & categorize Windows, UNIX and Network device vulnerabilities. Skills

Technical Skills

1) SIEM (F)

2) Web Security (F)

3) Data Security (A)

4) Endpoint Security (F)

5) Network Vulnerability Scanning Tools (F)

Behavioral Skills

1) Email Communication, Presentation, Public Speaking (F)

2) Strategic Thinking, Transactions

Processing, Planning (A)

3) Analytical Thinking, Scientific

Temperament (A)

4) Interpersonal Skills (F), Nurturing

Relationships (A)

5) Customer Service Orientation,

Business Appreciation (F)
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