Analyst - Cloud

UK - Others
5 - 7 years of experience
Job Description
1. Working to understand client needs in regards to data or other technical queries.
2. Maintaining daily checklists and job sheets as per company compliance.
3. Performing daily, Weekly, backups on AS400 (SAVLIB, SAVOBJ)and windows servers. Taking
4. Full System Backup (Entire System Backup).
5. Doing Restoration, Journal Backup, manage Tape drives, documents etc.
6. Creation, Enable & Disable User ID in AS400 Servers.
7. Prepare Taking daily health checkups in Production, DR & Development Server. like ASP,CPU Utilization, Subsystems, Active jobs.
8. Maintaining & monitoring disk space(ASP), Spools, Error Messages, Problem logs.
9. Handling problems in AS400 server and dealing with support team.
10. Clearing the Jobs from MSGW.
11. AS-400 user profile management (Dealing with user profile )
12. Taking incremental backup on Daily basis, all user library backup on Weekly basis & Entire system back up on Monthly basis
13. Give online help to user when required. Escalate to on call application support group.
14. Involve in EOD (End of day), EOW(End of Week), and EOM (End of Month) process.
15. Taking Full System Backup (Entire System Backup)
16. Shifting Tape Drive between Partitions for Data Backup and Restoration.
17. Ensure smooth functioning of EOD (End-of-the-Day) and BOD (Beginning-of-the-Day) Activities.
18. Generating of Reports as part of SOD, BOD and EOD Activity.
19. Replication monitoring & troubleshooting. Monitoring disk status. Deletion of audit journals receivers. Deletion of user spool files from outq.
Core Responsibilities
1. Ensure smooth functioning of EOD (End-of-the-Day) and BOD (Beginning-of-the-Day) Activities.
2. Creation, Enable & Disable User ID in AS/400 Servers. Provide Bank Code Access to users.
3. Good knowledge and Hands on experience of MiMiX Replication for IBM Iseries.
4. Generating reports using tools like iSeries Navigator & also extracting the reports by using Data Transfer tool.
We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.