Sep 12, 2022

Modern CRM Platforms for a seamless customer experience

Paul William Wilson

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a profound impact on human lives and has also transformed consumer behavior. Irrespective of the device they are using, customers expect a fast, seamless, and personalized experience. To ensure an everlasting customer revolution, technology advancement and digital transformation have emerged as critical drivers. As a result, companies are redefining their strategies and reevaluating their CRM systems to enhance CX and employee experience (EX), ultimately driving customer experience.

There are many ways in which businesses can redefine their CX strategy to best meet the needs of their customers during this time of uncertainty. One of the most important things to consider is the customer journey, that is, understanding the different customer touchpoints and how they can be used to create a seamless customer experience. It is equally important to consider how you can use technology to enhance customer experience. Several tools and platforms can be used to engage with customers and provide them with the information they need.

Ultimately, to fill the gap, CRM systems should be highly precise, scalable, and customer-centric. This blog highlights the need to redefine the customer experience through next-generation CRM.

CRM basics and How it's Harnessing Technology for the New Age

An Operational CRM system is an integrated system that uses data to create and maintain a complete view of customers and prospects, including customer touchpoints, marketing programs, sales activities, and products. Operational CRM systems also help organizations identify and prioritize opportunities for cross-selling, upselling or generating more revenue from the existing customers.

Dynamics 365, on the other hand, moves beyond an operational CRM as it is platform-centric and incorporates data analytics among other emerging and established components such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Analytics
    Integrating PowerApps AI into your Dynamics 365 can help you personalize customer experience by enabling tailored recommendations and communications, understanding purchasing behavior patterns, and even providing conversation tools to help you engage with customers more efficiently.
  • Mobile CRM
    In a post-pandemic world where remote work is more common than ever, it’s important to consider mobility's impact on operations. To facilitate this, mobile CRM systems are designed to track customer interactions, sales, and marketing activities from anywhere. Mobile CRMs can also be used to track employee productivity and performance. Overall, mobile CRMs help enterprises to improve customer relations, security, and operations.
  • Seamless User Experience
    The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform is a customer engagement solution that allows you to control your customer data to provide connected experiences. With complete control over your data, you can connect directly with your customers at your convenience and on your terms. The rich out-of-the-box AI and insights help you better predict customer intent, reduce time to market, and deliver the right content on the right channel at the right time. You can also engage your customers in multiple powerful ways with AI-driven journeys to deliver connected experiences across every customer touchpoint. The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform sits alongside existing products and services, including Microsoft Advertising, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Commerce, Microsoft Promote IQ, Microsoft Clarity, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft Azure Purview.
  • Self-Service
    Implementing a PowerApps self-service portal is essential for increased efficiency and faster resolution. In addition, self-service can be a great way to reduce your company's customer service costs. If you're considering implementing a self-service system, make sure you choose the right tools and get your customer service team on board.

The Business Processes Managed by Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 CRM software is designed to help businesses manage their customer relationships more effectively. It can automate and streamline various customer-related processes, including lead management, customer service, and sales. CRM can also help businesses track their customer data in a centralized and organized manner. There are many other different business problems that CRM can help solve:

Create Intuitive Customer Experiences with Microland Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 unifies back-office, in-store, call center through Omnichannel and Unified Service Desk, and online experiences to help businesses deliver superior customer service while identifying ways to drive cost efficiencies. Stakeholders and employees have access to real-time, relevant information and can easily manage initiatives across various sales channels. Businesses can easily optimize processes with analytics and valuable insights, enabling better business performance and greater customer reach.

Our Credentials

Partnership with Microsoft:

2500+ professionals and 30% revenue delivering services across multiple Microsoft platforms and technologies

  • Partner of the year award: Microland is recognized as a 'Finalist' in the Microsoft 2021 Government Partner of the Year Awards for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementing customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.
  • eCitizen Accelerator co-sell ready solution: Microland eCitizen Accelerator, a Microsoft Co-sell Ready solution available on Microsoft AppSource, is a comprehensive solution built on D365 to address the needs and challenges of local authorities in providing Citizen Services.
  • Our Success with one of the UK Councils: We have helped the Council, the 3rd largest local authority in the United Kingdom, to go digital, improve user experience, and reduce costs. Microland assisted the digital transformation agenda of the Council by building a comprehensive solution pivoted around Dynamics 365 Customer Service. This transformation enabled the council to seamlessly engage with its citizens and reduce turnaround time for citizen requests by simplifying business processes, automation, and reducing operational costs.

Microland has revamped around 220+ processes for the Council, which are live and digitally available through this solution. Overall, there is a significant reduction of operational costs by 30% with a projected year-on-year savings of £3.274Mn.

Microland’s Dynamics 365 CRM Expertise


The pandemic has highlighted the need for a fast, seamless, and personalized experience. To that end, organizations need to redefine the customer experience strategy to keep up with the evolving digital landscape and changing customer needs. Choosing the right solution along with the right partner is critical for meeting business outcomes and gaining a competitive edge. And when it comes to creating a personalized customer experience, Dynamics 365 and the Customer Experience Platform are the perfect tool.