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Nov 08, 2017

MicrolandOne app is a super app!


Today was handstand day at class and I was the only one who couldn’t get my legs straight up without a helping hand! Like the strong hands of Superman to keep me steady upside down.

But what was super was how the MicrolandOne app came to my help last Friday.

Ashish and I were to travel together to MDI Gurgaon for the summer placements. It was an early morning flight. As I reached the airport, I longed for a cup of hot coffee. After all, starting at 4 am does leave one groggy and I was longing for an energy burst.

I decided to call Ashish to check how far he was away from the airport. And oops, that’s when I realized I didn’t have his number. I thought of SMSing my colleague, Venu but visions of a grumpy sleep deprived face, mouthing garbled profanities and clubbing me at close quarters made me abandon that idea. Who else should I call at this unearthly hour for a mobile number?

As my mind wandered through random possibilities, all of which had injurious endings, as far as I was concerned, I noticed a message alert from the app! I ignored it the first time. I got a second alert and it said, Hello, this is 96******25. Have you reached the airport?. I was stumped for a second. Did I just become a number for the app? Or was I some kind of a binary code for my handheld? Was this like some kind of telepathy going on? Could the app read my mind and trigger an alert to Ashish? Seriously could it? Like the sci-fi android, I could see my hand-held android morphing into a mind reading Superman! Maybe that is what it became, because soon enough Ashish and I connected and realized we weren’t more than 10 feet away from each other at the airport lounge. The app did what my groggy eyes couldn’t do that morning. Happy to see you 96******25!


Ashish located. Ashish contacted. Ashish connected.


It was a fun cup of coffee at the airport. All because MicrolandOne came to my rescue. Wish it could teach me how to do handstands though…

I have a feeling that my wish may be granted sooner! What do you think? I think Superman app can do anything!

PS: Small episodes like these make you realize how handy the app is. Imagine if you were travelling to another country and you didn’t have any numbers saved. You could bail out just like how I did!

Kind of like Clark Kent minus the glasses, on your handheld!

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