Intelligeni Transform
Jun 27, 2022

Intelligeni Transform – Cloud


Cloud Migrations continue to be on the rise for a foreseeable future. While making workloads cloud native remains the holy grail, re-hosted migrations or lift & shift migrations, as they are popularly known, continues to be a predominant strategy that enterprises adopt due to various reasons albeit as a transitory measure. While this model is not the most optimal one, it seems to pay off many customers as an interim strategy before they could optimize and make workloads, truly cloud native.

It is a well-established fact that many customers leverage the Lift & Shift migration model as an interim stage in their journey towards being cloud native. To that end, it is critical to define the Key Performance Indicators and also look at some of the challenges one would encounter during these migrations, especially at scale.

Some of the Key Performance Indicators are as below:

  • Speed of Migration
  • First Time Right Migrations
  • Low Failure Rates
  • Lower Total Cost of Migration

Migration Challenges one may encounter are:

  • Creation of migration packages, sequences and schedules 
  • Automate Pre / Post Migration Checks and Configurations 
  • Reuse Knowledge gained during migrations
  • Ensure maximum productivity of migration engineers
  • Efficiently allocate and reassign tasks to right skilled Subject Matter Experts
  • Ensure compliance to security and governance policies  
  • Proper handover to ops and decommissioning of source

Migration Factories play a major role in providing efficiency, velocity and scale while minimizing risk. Leveraging our decades of experience in migrating datacenter workloads, Microland has developed a Migration Platform 'Intelligeni Transform' which is fine-tuned to fit the Cloud specific needs and runs Factory-based migrations efficiently and at scale. Intelligeni Transform enables data driven management of assets, knowledge repositories, resources and tasks. Along with reusable automation, the platform can be configured to fit an organization’s cloud specific requirements. Intelligeni Transform does not replace or compete, but augments the COTS migration tools. Some of the key aspects of the platform are as follows:

The key differentiator of Intelligeni Transform Platform lies in its ability to automate technical tasks and configurations related to migrations in the factory such as:

1. Data Ingestion and Transformation

  • Inventory, Dependency, Workload Readiness
  • Integration with CMDB, Discovery and infra sizing tools
  • Proper ETL (make the nomenclature streamlined)
  • Dependency definition, Aggregation

2. Technical Task Automation

  • Build Automation, Pre-Migration Runbooks
  • Migration technical task automation – agent install, configure, sync, retry etc.
  • Migration Error Remediation and Cutover Runbooks 
  • Post Migration Runbooks / configurations
  • Cleanup / Decommission 
  • Integration with Provision / configuration Automation and Migration Tools
  • Visualization and Reporting


Benefits of Intelligeni Transform – Cloud

Microland's Intelligeni Transform is a Microsoft co-sell ready solution and a Microsoft preferred solution available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.