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Sep 12, 2018

Blending Tech & Human Interactions Transforms UX


It is quite evident today that tech-driven user experience (UX) is spreading its roots across industries. We now have complex technologies blended with humanized experience. However, the fact is, UX has always been a key success driver for businesses since time immemorial. And, no matter how complex a UX strategy/technology may seem, their motive is, and has always been to deliver a great user experience.

To shed some light on this, let’s consider Siri and Alexa - the tech variants of personal assistants. The underlying technology that makes them intelligent and responsive is extremely complex, yet they provide a simple & dynamic user experience. Similar is the case with Skype, Zoom or BlueJeans, the video conferencing platforms. It connects people living in dispersed locations instantly via live video. This technology may be complex, but users can engage in video conferences with just a few clicks.

So how can organizations deliver an exceptional UX to help people better engage with their products/services and among themselves? Let’s focus on the three core areas.

Injecting higher levels of personalization

Building a UX strategy is all about understanding the customers at a personal level—their needs, and their preferences.

To stay in line with this transition, organizations need to deliver a UX that is highly personalized. This can be done by reinventing the website or application designs. Organizations should be able to predict their user’s needs and the level of comfortability based on the data. Moreover, they should be capable enough to guide the users in their journey. The end goal should always be on user satisfaction, along with meeting business goals.

Leveraging IoT, AI and Machine Learning to aid innovation

Today, all talks about personalization stands incomplete without involving AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). Applications that operate on these domains are indeed the key enablers of personalization.

Organizations need to mine insights from the rapid influx of data generated by various sources and use AI and ML to provide a highly personalized experience. Evaluating human behavior and expressions, they need to understand the user’s intent and provide the right set of information or execute actions to complete the tasks that the user has requested for. Altogether, this helps businesses offer a delightful experience for their users.


AI & ML-based solution such as chatbots, service bots and other tools are making an everlasting impact on the world as we see. Moving forward, more and more organizations are expected to focus and spend on innovations and digital assets that can improve customer/user experience.

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