Azure Virtual Desktop
Feb 24, 2022

Empowering Changing Workplaces with a Digital-First Approach

Mahesh Gupta
Ritesh Punamiya

A guide to Microland’s Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization, and what this means for your enterprise.

We are, if early indicators are to be believed, in the final few days of a global pandemic. In the last two years since 2020, to say that the world has changed would be an understatement. This also holds true for the global workplace as 16% of global companies and over 85% of managers believe that working remotely is evolving as the future of work. One of the key components powering remote work for enterprises is to have a robust solution which enables virtual desktops for the employees.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) solution provides enterprises with services and resources needed to build and operate a virtualized desktop environment on the Cloud, powered by Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. Several enterprises with an existing investment in any of the proprietary tools in this stack will now be able to create and maintain a virtualized multi-user environment that facilitates seamless operations and workflows, even when the teams are remotely located.

As a leading provider of managed cloud services, Microland has earned the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization. This accreditation brings the expertise for the virtual desktop services that Microland offers and will allow customers assess, deploy /migrate and manage their Virtual Desktop environment using Microland smartWorkspace.  

Our smartWorkspace solution eliminates the complexity of traditional hosted solutions by offering fully managed, secure, consistent, and high-performance cloud-based workspaces to end users on any device, anytime and anywhere. Microland smartWorkspace offering with Azure Virtual Desktops is a published IP Co-Sell ready solution on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and can be readily used in potential pursuits.

Driving the change with Microland


Microland believes that nothing should stand in the way of seamless collaboration, and our Digital Workplace Solutions cover the entire gamut of virtual work, including augmented knowledge discovery, enhanced user experience management, and workplace security.

A key component of the seamless virtual environment is to ensure automation of support with MicroBots, and comprehensive workplace security with Endpoint Security Management. Together, these features enable every remote employee and team with access to the platforms they need to conduct their operations in a safe, empowering environment.

With the Microsoft AVD specialization, Microland’s services in creating a digital-first environment is extended further with the provision of benefits such as:

  • Full desktop virtualization capability without the need for gateway servers
  • Ability to accommodate a diverse workload through the day, or even through several quarters
  • Reduction in operating costs for existing licenses by pooling these resources into a common environment
  • Significant reduction in investments on virtual machines and OS overheads while ensuring uninterrupted access all the resources needed
  • Individual and shared data ownership parameters, intuitive feedback on user behavior, and automated support systems to enable a seamless workflow
  • Enhanced user experience on the only multi-session Windows 10 environment along with optimized O365 application suite
  • Simplified licensing and labor savings by moving from IaaS to PaaS providing superior economics
  • Enhanced security with Azure AD integration, reverse connect technology, and deep integration with the security and management of Microsoft 365
  • Simplified management delivered through flexible service allowing you to easily virtualize both desktops and apps

Impact of the specialization for global enterprises

The Advanced Specialization accreditation is a standard that helps Microsoft identify niche solutions providers like Microland. Such accredited providers must be able to provide services in targeted solution areas. Furthermore, it also indicates that Microland has undergone the necessary audits and has proven its capability to deliver seamless customers experience. 

Comprehensive Solutions

Microland offers integrated VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions, with exceptional readiness, and onboarding capabilities. Our state-of-the-art operations infrastructure enables several integrations with customer-owned platforms such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). 

Accelerated VDI

Microland allows customers to automate their VDI efforts and reduce workload. Additionally, the accelerated delivery of services also allows customers to reduce manual work hours and the need for repeating tasks, and helps manage cross-border teams. 

Removing complexities

Microland helps companies manage major digital workplace transformation projects to reduce cost and downtime, while simultaneously simplifying the process and helping achieve desired deployments in the due time. 


Microland’s intuitive solutions prevent mismanagement of resources and ensure cost-effectiveness of the systems through better design and planning, even in the virtual environments.

Key outcomes of the AVD specialization


The AVD Advanced Specialization is a validation of Microland’s advanced capabilities across the digital workspace space. Its comprehensive suite, efficient deployment and deployment design will help customers achieve optimum efficiency within their Azure cloud environment. 


The accreditation is not only a proof of Microland’s domain expertise, it also implies that we are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and talent to solve the specific requirements of the customers. Further, it establishes Microland as a reliable partner, capable of providing tailored solutions in specific areas. 


The accreditation is a significant addition to Microland’s achievement as it will help build customers’ trust in us as a provider who is approved by their cloud environment provider, reducing enterprise risk and ensuring quality standards. 


Why Microland?

In an era where remote working is the future of the workforce management, Microland has been helping organizations mobilize a work-from-anywhere workforce that allows them to react quickly to business change, establish business processes, and streamline IT costs and ROI. Our Digital Workplace Services address every component of workplace transformation, including augmented knowledge discovery, enhanced user experience management, and workplace security.

Microland’s Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization is a step forward towards strengthening our workplace transformation capabilities and establishing us as a differentiated partner in remote working with proven performance and success in using Windows Virtual Desktop. This advanced specialization is a validation of our capabilities in helping customers transition to the cloud, simplifying workflows and processes, ensuring cost reduction, and securing the system and equipment to provide them with a personalized experience.