• Monday, September 17th, 2012

    Microland deploys EUCA 3.1 on a Virtual Machine! A first for Eucalyptus

    While fiddling in our labs with different technologies, a bulb suddenly went on…why not leverage VMs for Eucalyptus? The challenge was taken by our team….and we started the work on it…

     Many twists and turns later,Microland Cloud team successfully deployed and tested Eucalyptus 3.1, the most extensively used open source cloud platform, inside VMware Virtual Machines on vSphere5 environment in its Training Lab. So far, Eucalyptus has never deployed/testedEUCA 3.1 on VMs and therefore prevalent opinion was that EUCA 3.1 could work only on physical servers. However, the ML Cloud team was successful in deploying EUCA NC (XEN) on a VMware Virtual Machine & EUCA CLC, SC, CC, Walrus on another VMware Virtual Machine.

    We initially tried setting up Eucalyptus on VMs with EUCA 3.0, however, due to irresolvable bugs and errors EUCA 3.1 (latest version) was used instead. The errors faced during deploying EUCA 3.0 were reported to the vendor.Though Eucalyptus suggested use of ‘EUCA FastStart3’ product, it failed after repeated trials. EUCA FastStart 3 is a quick installation package used for demo or small PoCs. Many OS dependencies are required for EUCA 3.1 to run successfully which are not listed in EUCA 3 documents or the tech forums. Hence finding and resolving these was quite a challenge. Some specific/additional network settings were also required to be done in VMware environment for EUCA 3.1 to run successfully.

    Several trials were done before the right solution worked; while deploying and testing the right solution took only a week’s time, testing multiple versions of EUCA on different OS with all possibilities took almost 3 weeks.

    Like they say, ‘Patience is Virtue’, after fixing a lot of issues iteratively, we could successfully deploy EUCA 3.1 on a VM. By running this product on a virtual machine, one can easily test product features and do a small (3-4 instances) POC rather than using physical servers, thus cutting down the need of procuring physical hardware and incurring additional costs. So a win-win value proposition….

    Disclaimer: The view expressed herein are those of the author and Microland expressly disclaims any liability arising from its publication on our website.

    Principal Architect, Cloud Services
    Uma Panda
    Principal Architect, Cloud Services

    Cloud Computing

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    1. Andreas papadoupulos says:

      This is good work. i too have done a similar experiment, need your inputs on some.


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