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Ambrish R B
Microland gave birth to my career and I have grown today
because of its people, culture and devotion to its Core Values. Microland is close to my heart and I will always cherish my experiences here. I am proud to be a Microlander!

Akash Bandvalkar
I joined Microland for its incredible growth potential. I am
enjoying my tenure till date and feel motivated to do more. I am faced with exciting challenges every day and the management
team provides me with information and support to overcome
any roadblocks. I have the liberty to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role. Microland is the place where my talents were really acknowledged.

Radhika Kiran
Microland is the best company I have worked for in my career
spanning six organizations. We are treated as adults here.
I have the freedom to manage my time. My ideas are listened to.
I have access to clearly defined mentoring platforms. Microland sees fun, humor and relaxation not as enemies of work, but as allies. I routinely go home and tell my family and friends,
“I love my job”.  Microland is the best place to work.

Anirban Sengupta
What I like most about Microland is working with the people around. I have had wonderful experiences working with other teams, and everyone is more than willing to help. Queries are resolved really quickly.


Global companies, including Fortune 500 enterprises, depend on us to deliver on their customer commitments. Microland is therefore always on the cutting edge of technology. Join us to work and learn with the best in a highly energized environment. Click here to explore opportunities.