Azure Cloud Management

The complexity of monitoring and managing a distributed IT environment keeps increasing as businesses move their workloads to the cloud. Enterprises must invest in specialized skills, approaches, and tools to ensure reliable and secure operations in the cloud.

smartCloudOps is Microland’s platform-based approach to hybrid cloud operations combining the best of both public and private cloud environments delivered through the Intelligeni CloudOps platform. It leverages the latest technologies and best practices to deliver exceptional efficiency, agility, and security. With smartCloudOps, enterprises can take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and cost benefits of public cloud with the security and control of a private cloud. It also enables cloud governance with well-defined compliance policies and a streamlined change management approach.

Our highly skilled cloud professionals are dedicated to helping organizations get the most out of their Azure cloud investments. We leverage automation and hands-on expertise to ensure your enterprise systems are running smoothly and efficiently. smartCloudOps offers a gamut of features making it a one-stop solution to streamline your enterprise Azure cloud operations. These include:

  • Flexibility: Our hybrid cloud approach allows enterprises to choose the best mix of hyperscalers and private cloud environments to meet their business needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our experts help optimize enterprise Azure cloud costs by up to 30%, ensuring our clients pay only for the resources they need and cut unnecessary expenses.
  • Security and compliance: We place a strong emphasis on security and compliance, with mechanisms in place to ensure data is 100% compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Automation: Intelligeni CloudOps, our in-house developed proprietary automation platform built for managing Hybrid Cloud environments and streamlining Azure cloud operations by improving efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention by 30%.
  • Expertise: Our highly skilled and certified cloud professionals have the experience and expertise to ensure enterprise systems are up and running without any disruption.

Service Tiers in smartCloudOps

Intelligeni CloudOps Platform

At the core of smartCloudOps is our hybrid cloud management platform, Intelligeni CloudOps, which is fully integrated with GitOps principles and designed to enable observability, financial optimization (Cloud FinOps), and auto-remediation (AutomatedOps) to deliver unparalleled efficiency, agility, and security to our clients.

Intelligeni CloudOps platform is fully compatible with GitOps, a methodology that uses Git as a single source of truth for infrastructure and application code. This allows us to easily track changes to the IaC code and roll back if necessary, ensuring that the infrastructure is always stable. It helps streamline cloud operations, improve efficiency, and reduce manual errors. It is used for diverse cloud operations, such as configuring and provisioning resources, deploying, and updating applications, and enforcing cost, compliance, and security policies across multiple cloud environments.

In addition to GitOps, the Intelligeni CloudOps platform incorporates AutomatedOps, Microland’s automation-first approach to managing and maintaining Azure cloud infrastructure. It includes features that enable observability for accurate and faster diagnosis, root cause analysis, and bots for auto-remediation, ensuring that the enterprise infrastructure is resilient and performant. The platform continuously analyzes usage patterns and identifies opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency with Cloud FinOps best practices.

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