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Build the digital enterprise of tomorrow with Microland’s comprehensive cloud transformation services

Cloud transformation is at the top of every CIO's agenda, and they are keen to invest their resources to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the cloud. However, moving to the cloud can be a complex and risky process with many decisions to be made along the way. These include choosing cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), or software-as-a-service (SaaS) service models. Before embarking on a cloud transformation journey, it is imperative to gain a clear understanding of the objectives and possible challenges of moving workloads to the cloud.

Microland's comprehensive cloud transformation service is designed to help enterprises adopt innovative cloud technology with minimal cost and zero risk. We provide a detailed roadmap for cloud adoption, identifying compatible workloads and providing financial and technical feasibility analysis, as well as a security and risk-mitigated migration plan. We provide a detailed roadmap that includes a security and risk-mitigated migration plan along with a financial and technical feasibility analysis. Our approach helps identify compatible workloads that can be moved to the cloud. Our CAF-Ready (Cloud Adoption Framework) assessment framework helps you make informed decisions about your enterprise cloud adoption journey and optimize the use of cloud resources. We support both infrastructure and application-led approaches and have a track record of helping large and midsized enterprises adopt hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The assessment captures a range of information about the enterprise technology landscape, business needs, compliance, security needs, operational demands, and challenges. The assessment framework leverages an automation-led approach to deliver a comprehensive, structured, and objective assessment 40% faster. 

Microland Cloud Transformation Assessment  – Evaluating your cloud environments to unlock value

Microland’s Cloud Transformation Assessment delivers the following as part of the assessment: 

  • Compatibility of enterprise workloads for the target cloud model 
  • Comprehensive TCO analysis using market-leading tools and methods  
  • Holistic evaluation against organizational security and compliance requirements
  • Target hybrid and/or multi-cloud technology architecture including landing zones
  • Recommended operating model, workforce skills mapping, and automation requirements
  • Provider-neutral yet partnership-backed view of the overall cloud migration roadmap

Why Choose Microland

Our suite of services enables enterprises to accelerate their cloud adoption journey by delivering the following outcomes:

  • End-to-End Cloud Security and Compliance: With Microland’s Cloud Transformation Service we drive cloud-first resilience with in-depth analysis of industry-specific enterprise security and compliance needs and establish a mitigation plan to address evolving threats. We use leading tools and accelerators to ensure our customers meet their GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) goals as they migrate to the cloud.
  • Best-in-Class Partner Ecosystem: Our strong partnership with the top three cloud service providers gives us access to a wide range of resources that help deliver the full spectrum of cloud services for enterprises either just starting on their cloud transformation journey or looking to maximize their cloud investments.
  • Cost-effectiveness: An automation-driven flexible engagement model enhances our cloud adoption cost optimization approach. It is derived from our CAF-aligned framework to provide enterprises with competitive cost models as they transform their business with cloud technologies.
  • Automation First Approach: Our comprehensive suite of tools drives automation and self-service capabilities that help enterprises reduce manual efforts and resource costs while improving efficiency. Our Cloud Transformation Service delivers accurate and faster cloud assessments with customers spending 40% less time discovering and gathering data.
  • Rich Talent and Experience: Our team of certified cloud experts, with vast industry experience and advanced skills, have a proven track record of successfully helping enterprises adopt and integrate cloud technology using a provider-validated CAF-ready framework.

Microland’s CAF-aligned framework is a Microsoft co-sell ready and a preferred solution available on Azure Marketplace.

Cloud transformation, when done right, increases scalability, reduces overhead costs, and brings agility and innovation while driving business with digital. Microland's client-centric solutions built using automation and in-house tools and accelerators make us the trusted partner as our clients embark on their enterprise cloud transformation journey. Contact us at to learn more.

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  • Sunil Sarat
    Sunil Sarat
    Senior Vice President & Global Client Solutions Leader - Cloud, Data Center & Digital Workplace
    With 20+ years of experience in Infrastructure & Cloud, Sunil’s core responsibilities at Microland include creating new services & solutions that drive Microland’s customers digital transformation roadmap.
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    Benil George P J
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    Anand Iyer
    Client Solutions Leader, EMEA
    Anand has been accelerating Cloud adoption and modernising operations for Microland’s customers in the EMEA region for 12+ years. Anand has 25+ years’ of Architecture, Consulting and Delivery experience across multiple industry verticals.