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Optimize Cloud Spending with Business Objectives through Concerted Efforts Between IT, Business, and Finance

As organizations adopt a hybrid, multi-cloud approach at an increasingly rapid pace, they often struggle to manage and optimize their cloud costs. Without proper management, cloud costs can quickly spiral out of control, drain budgets, and impact profitability.

Microland’s FinOps managed services help you overcome these challenges and maximize the value of your cloud investments. FinOps, short for Financial Operations, combines finance, technology, and business to holistically address cloud costs and create an operating model for efficient cloud usage.

Our FinOps services include:

  • FinOps Platform Engineering: Establishing a FinOps platform by working collaboratively with finance, procurement, and product teams to manage cloud usage and cost more efficiently.
  • Guardrail Implementation: Guardrails provide governance and security controls to manage compliance in enterprise cloud environments. Streamline application security process with zero impact on productivity. This eliminates business risk and saves time and money for organizations.
  • Forecasting and Cost Optimization: Enabling businesses to assess the cost incurred from their cloud application resources and workloads based on historical data. Our multi-cloud cost governance framework forecasts and optimizes cloud spending across multiple cloud environments.

With Microland’s FinOps managed services, organizations can:

  • Monitor and optimize cloud costs in real-time
  • Identify and eliminate wasted spend on idle or underutilized resources
  • Implement cost allocation and chargeback models to ensure cost accountability
  • Set up alerts and notifications to stay informed on potential cost issues
  • Automate the identification of cost leaks and implement optimization recommendations

Microland Cloud Cost Management Framework (CCMF)

Our proprietary framework, Cloud Cost Management Framework (CCMF), is aligned with FinOps principles to help clients optimize their cloud costs, improve resource utilization, and ensure compliance with their organization's financial policies.

The framework, when used in an engagement, quickly identifies cost leaks and helps organizations optimize their spending. Underpinned by a pool of experienced architects, the framework utilizes a combination of partner-enabled tool sets and curated best practices focusing on architecture, utilization, process, and usage to bring visibility and accountability. This 4-pronged approach delivers a comprehensive cloud cost management solution and is complemented by innovative commercial models like gain share, or outcome-based engagement.

For clients looking to improve visibility and control of their cloud spend, Microland CCMF addresses the following:

  • Utilization optimization: Monitor and optimize resource sizing, placements, and scaling with industry-leading tools. Identify and eliminate wasted spending on idle or underutilized resources.
  • Usage optimization: Identify resource usage patterns, find optimal run schedules, and reservations, and implement budgeting and tracking to ensure accountability across the organization.
  • Process optimization: Streamline and automate cloud financial management processes to achieve greater transparency, visibility, and control of cloud spend.
  • Architecture optimization: Microland’s team of experts has extensive experience in implementing and managing modern cloud-native architectures and provides recommendations for optimizing cloud workloads to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


The unique differentiators of Microland CCMF include:

  • Proprietary framework with 100+ best practices aligned with FinOps principles
  • Expert teams with extensive experience working across various cloud platforms
  • Use of industry-leading tools and automation to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ongoing management of cloud finances with committed KPIs and SLAs

FinOps, when done right, helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation objectives by reinvesting the cost savings in running key digital programs. Microland is the trusted partner to help organizations safeguard their cloud investments with its industry-leading accelerators, processes, and tools powered by a robust partner ecosystem. Contact us at to learn more.

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  • Sunil Sarat
    Sunil Sarat
    Senior Vice President & Global Client Solutions Leader - Cloud, Data Center & Digital Workplace
    With 20+ years of experience in Infrastructure & Cloud, Sunil’s core responsibilities at Microland include creating new services & solutions that drive Microland’s customers digital transformation roadmap.
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    Benil George P J
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    With focused expertise on Cloud infrastructure, Benil is responsible to incubate new technologies and services that accelerate customer’s digital journeys. As a certified Cloud Architect, he specializes in standardization and governance of highly dynamic, cloud-enabled infrastructure using models that leverage GitOps, SRE, and IaC.
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    Anand Iyer
    Client Solutions Leader, EMEA
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