Redefine workplaces and re-imagine employee experience with a platform led approach

Workplaces are no longer single monolithic places where employees must be physically present all the time to perform different activities. Digitization of work has unbundled workspaces with collaboration possible anywhere - be it office, home, or an airport lounge. With nearly 40% of the workforce comprising millennials and gen z, the real challenge for organizations is to provide a true “Digital Employee Experience” by implementing technologies enabling the workforce to access corporate resources, multi-task, and securely collaborate with colleagues and customers, anytime anywhere. With the workplace paradigm evolving, service providers must be at the top of their game to deliver a hyper-personalized and adaptive smart workplace solutions. Microland’s smartWorkspace helps organizations create digital workplaces that are productive, collaborative, and secure, enhancing next-gen workplace functionalities.

smartWorkspace is a platform-led portfolio of solutions designed to deliver productive, secure, and collaborative hybrid work environments. The smartWorkspace solution comes bundled with individual offerings that have been built using a blend of tools, solutions, IPs, services, and frameworks developed. smartWorkspace ensures that employee experience and employee productivity are monitored in real-time and provides feedback to enhance them continuously. smartWorkspace eliminates the complexity of traditional hosted solutions by offering fully managed, secure, consistent, and high-performance cloud-based workspaces to end users on any device, anytime and anywhere. Microland smartWorkspace offering with Azure Virtual Desktops is a published IP Co-Sell ready smartWorkspace solution on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and can be readily used in potential pursuits. Microland’s smartWorkspace solution offerings include:


A framework that offers a comprehensive review of workplace services maturity of any organization. It builds a view of the organization’s current workplace services environment and creates a blueprint for its digital transformation journey. The framework captures information about current tools, software, applications, and technologies deployed in the workplace environment and groups them under the tangible category while employee readiness, underlying personalities, processes, preferences, willingness to change, workstyles, etc. are captured in the non-tangible category. Our experts then create a process roadmap to  design workplace transformation initiatives which are realistic and actionable.


It is Microland’s multi-tenant proprietary platform that makes complex migration seem easy. smartMigrate encapsulates learnings from decades of migrating experience by porting millions of migration objects onto new Microsoft technologies. Be it migrating windows and sustaining upgrades, AD migrations or Exchange mailbox migrations - we have covered it all for you to be in total control of your migration project with a track record of collaborating and delivering on time and in budget.

smartMigrate allows end-users to choose an on-demand migration as per their convenience and requirement. This smartWorkspace solution can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise across the customer Data Centre, Azure or Microland Data Center. The tool is lightweight and agentless. 

The key features of the tool include:

  • Deployment planning 
  • Dashboards 
  • Customer onboarding and environment analytics 
  • Self-service portal for end-user scheduling and rescheduling
  • Configuring and customizing user communication templates based on organizational preference 
  • End-to-end lifecycle management of Windows Evergreen Service (onboarding – advisory deployment) 

smartMigrate is a one-stop solution to every enterprise migration program delivering the following benefits:

  • A faster migration roll-out through a unified platform backed with world-class Microland service desk support
  • Enhanced user engagement and improved user satisfaction, courtesy the self-scheduling and automated user communication—both customizable and automatable. Up to 700K communications can be sent through just 1 configuration
  • Maximized productivity between builds with the single contextualized platform for end-to-end lifecycle management
  • Better decision-making ability through impactful insights and analytics enabling stakeholders to make informed and timely decisions


Microland’s analytics platform improves Digital Employee Experience and employee productivity by arming service desk engineers with greater insights into end-user devices and analytical data which includes both historical and real-time data. Unlike traditional service desk services, our Smart Service Desk engineers leverage this data to resolve issues more at the service desk, thereby reducing onsite dependency. Microland ensures that the respective ITIL processes are tied for proactive issue resolution, effective change management, and proactive problem management which further reduces the number of tickets over a period.


The offering comprises of a set of industry agnostic IPs and solution frameworks tailored to drive seamless change adoption (4A framework) in organizations and automate patch management and OS updates in customer environment (Evergreen framework).

Intelligeni MicroBot

This is our flagship digital workplace service suite automation platform that reduces human intervention by automating all low-value interactions. Microbots provide 24X7 support and when triggered, execute the desired actions automatically, thus reducing service desk manual efforts. These bots read and understand the incidents/service requests raised by end-users and initiate auto-remediation for tickets which doesn’t require human intervention. The bots assign complex incidents/service requests to a service engineer. Microland has developed 50+ cognitive plug-and-play bots to automate the SOP-based routine tasks.


The smartWorkspace solution aids governance and service level management by standardizing the service management reports and drives proactive service improvements. The solution is based on a business intelligence (BI) platform that can be integrated with various ticketing tools. The analytics feature helps teams get insights into day-to-day operations and provides a single pane of dashboard. The analytics engine helps teams slice and dice data and correlate it across various dimensions to derive actionable intelligence. It consists of various modules like Incident, Service Request, Change, and Problem, etc. with each module having a collection standard dashboards and reports. These dashboards help in managing account health scores and take timely actions to improve service management.

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  • Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Manickam Sethuramalingam
    Senior Director, Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Manickam leads employee productivity & collaboration services under Digital Workplace. His expertise includes driving Modern Unified Endpoint Management, User Productivity & Collaboration, and Nextgen User Experience Management. Manickam has over 24+ years of industry experience and specializes in IT infrastructure management space and consulting services.
  • Mahesh Kumar Gupta
    Mahesh Kumar Gupta
    Global Practice Leader – Digital Workplace Services
    Mahesh is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in Digital Workplace Services. At Microland, Mahesh leads the Digital Workplace Practice and is responsible for strategizing solution approach, anchoring sales proposals and crafting go-to-market offerings and delivery handover. Additionally, he is also the Client Solutions Leader for Digital Workplace services for the India Geography. He has vast experience in managing large scale due diligence and transition programs for customers across APAC, EMEA and the USA.
  • Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Yamini Sarath Machiraju
    Associate Director - Digital Workplace Services
    Yamini Sarath has over 19 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in Service Creation, Service Delivery, Service Management Consulting, and Solution Engineering. As a Solution Director of Digital Workplace Services, he is responsible for building service capabilities in the areas of user experience, productivity, and performance improvements in the workplace. In this role, Yamini is not only responsible for bringing innovative ideas and initiatives but enables Microland delivery teams and pre-sales function to work in unison and speak the same language to a client prospect.