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In light of today’s tightened economic times, a global leap in remote working (80% more collaboration), and an increasingly diverse workforce, companies who have invested in the Microsoft O365 teamwork platform over the years are assessing their investment, seeking to make sure they are realizing their desired business outcomes as they navigate unchartered waters. 

One particular area of interest for these companies is the extent to which their organization is optimizing O365’s potential to enhance employee engagement and drive heightened productivity and innovation.

And this is where Microland has unique capacity to help. For decades we have been helping global enterprises implement O365 solutions to optimize productivity. For those already on the O365 platform, we can help streamline communication & collaboration
processes, motivating more engaged end-user adoption. 

For those new to O365, we can accelerate end-to-end migration to O365 hewing to industry best practices, automation, and Microland’s proven methodologies.

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Want to know more about our services?
  • Raj Kumar Thakur
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace Services
    Raj has over 20 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure Management space and has played various roles in service creation, service delivery, service management consulting and solution engineering.
  • Dhiraj Manohar
    Associate Vice President - Digital Workplace & Service Management
    Dhiraj is a deeply experienced Client Solution leader for Modern Business & IT with a skill set that covers Architecture, IT Service Management, Partner Alliances, Digital Solutions Provisioning (including Large Deals for M&As), Digital Transformation, and Legacy Modernization. A detail-oriented juggler of multiple balls, Dhiraj simplifies complexity and roots out inefficiency so that new solutions can flourish.
  • Abhishek Hiremath
    Principal Architect, Digital Workplace Solutions
    Abhishek is a VMware, AWS and Microsoft certified solutions architect with over 14 years experience. Abhishek brings a uniquely innovative, yet pragmatic, approach to analyzing complex business needs and conceptualizing — then deploying — cutting-edge, reliable, and scalable solutions for clients on their digital transformation journeys.