Secure and Compliant Cloud for Utilities


The Utilities industry is undergoing a revolution fueled by technological advancements, lower energy intensity, more environmental consciousness, and changing customer expectations. A Utility system's reliability and resiliency have also been tested by unpredictable weather events, the unpredictable geopolitical situation, as well as cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. The challenging tasks of boosting renewable energy, ensuring reliability and resilience, and protecting data while minimizing costs still needs to be accomplished.

Electricity, gas, and water providers must create a comprehensive digital strategy that incorporates robust infrastructure, governance, and cybersecurity at its core as they take strides towards a "3D" transformation: decarbonization, digitalization, and decentralization.

Microland’s ‘Secure & Compliant Cloud’ offering is purpose-built for Utilities with AIOps-driven Cloud management, cybersecurity and compliance controls that ensure seamless and secure operations.

Business Outcomes​

Microland's 'Secure & Compliant Cloud' offering enables Utility Enterprises to manage vulnerabilities by ensuring 100% compliance, saving up to 25% on operational expenses, and boosting reliability and customer experience.

Our robust partner ecosystem enables customers to cloudify their workloads to enhance performance, accelerate innovation, improve customer experience, maximize safety, and reduce carbon footprint.

Secure & Compliant Cloud for Utilities provides:

  • NextGen Cloud Management platforms and framework for Public and Private Cloud Operations with Automation and Analytics, which is delivered via Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates, reference architectures pre-built for 30+ Utilities apps, and DevSecOps powered by ready automation scripts. The solution has over 150 Bots specially designed for Utilities and frameworks to integrate readily with legacy and modern Utility systems such as SCADA, Maximo, BSmart, GIS, SCO, and more. These components enable exponential gain in efficiencies to manage a complex cloud and applications estate.
  • Compliant Operations for Utilities improve the risk posture by adhering to global standards (e.g., NIST) as well as local regulations (e.g., NERC, CIP, OFGEM), by incorporating Defense in Depth with multi-layered controls, along with real-time compliance posture analytics to protect Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). These controls exist at various layers including Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Application, Network, Hosting and Data, while ensuring security by design.
  • Cyber Resiliency First approach for Utilities with a multi-cloud strategy to adopt and manage cloud securely, to protect against the ever-evolving complex threats like ransomware. The SecOps analytics, real-time compliance dashboards and security automation help Utilities drive data-driven decision-making and quickly mitigate risks, while demonstrating organizational compliance across regulatory bodies. 
  • Robust Service Architecture that is built with a platform-driven approach leveraging hyper-automation platforms, best-of-the-breed cloud and cyber tools, and frameworks tailored for Utilities, to accelerate business outcomes for our clients. Our platforms also allow the integration of client tools and technologies to deliver end-to-end capabilities.
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Want to know more about our services?
  • Robert Wysocki
    Robert Wysocki
    Senior Vice President & Global Client Solutions Leader - Network & Cyber Security
    Robert (Bob) is a seasoned IT evangelist with over 30 years of industry experience, gained at Fortune 20 as well as start-up organizations. At Microland, Bob's responsibilities include driving innovation, incubating emerging technologies and enabling customers to leverage key digital technologies for rapid business and operational transformation.
  • Vasudev Surabhi
    Vasudev Surabhi
    Director, Network & Cyber Security
    Vasudev Surabhi has 16 years of consulting experience in the Cyber Security domain. At Microland, he creates methodologies that help organizations achieve robust defense controls and is credited with innovative approaches in building ground up Nextgen cyber security solutions. He is also an author, cyber trends researcher, and covers emerging security technologies at various Cyber Security forums.
  • Prashanth Monyan Bharath
    Prashanth Monyan Bharath
    Associate Vice President – Cyber Security & Network
    Prashanth is seasoned digital IT transformation professional with over 21+ years of industry experience assisting global customers in their transformation initiatives leveraging trending and NextGen IT Infrastructure solutions. At Microland, Prashanth’s responsibilities include driving innovation, building go-to-market strategies and assisting customers in North America embrace NextGen technologies in Cyber security and Networking to transform and accelerate their business and operations.
  • Jyoti Bhushan Sinha
    Jyoti Bhushan Sinha
    Associate Director – Cyber Security & Network
    Jyoti Bhushan Sinha is an experienced Enterprise Solution Architect with over 20+ years of IT industry experience across BFSI verticals, Applications and Cybersecurity domains, assisting global customers in their transformation initiatives leveraging industry best practices and trending solutions. At Microland, Jyoti’s responsibilities include driving innovation, building go-to-market strategies and assisting customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa embrace NextGen solutions in Cybersecurity to transform and secure their business and operations.
  • Gopakumar G
    Gopakumar G
    Director – Cyber Security & Network
    Gopakumar G. is a Cyber Security Professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT Industry. He has extensive experience in Enterprise Security Architecture, Practice Development and Program Management. At Microland, as Head of CyberTrust Centers, his responsibilities include driving innovation, evaluating, and modelling NextGen Cybersecurity Solutions, and building best practices to secure and strengthen customer digital ecosystems.