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Tilt the game in your favour with a hybrid cloud operations platform

Rapid digitalization has made the need for data centers mandatory, be it on the cloud or on-premises. The importance of managing cloud operations and driving efficient data center management cannot be overstated in the quest for an optimized computing environment. It's all about establishing a standardized, secure, and rock-solid foundation, from monitoring and resolving issues to configuring and fine-tuning infrastructure.

SmartCloudOps is Microland’s well-defined approach to hybrid and multi-cloud operations combining the capabilities and benefits – the best of both public and private cloud environments. It leverages the latest technologies, platforms, and best practices to deliver exceptional enterprise efficiency, agility, and security. With SmartCloudOps, enterprises can take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and cost benefits of multiple public clouds with the security and control of a private cloud. It also enables multi-cloud governance with well-defined compliance policies and a streamlined change management approach.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced cloud professionals is dedicated to helping organizations get the most out of their cloud investments. We leverage a combination of automation and hands-on expertise to ensure your enterprise systems are running smoothly and efficiently. SmartCloudOps offers a gamut of features making it a one-stop solution to streamline your enterprise cloud operations. These include:

  • Flexibility: Our hybrid, multi-cloud approach allows enterprises to choose the best mix of hyperscalers and private cloud environments to meet their business needs
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our team of experts help optimize enterprise cloud costs by up to 30%, ensuring our clients pay only for the resources they need and cut unnecessary expenses
  • Security and compliance: We focus on security and compliance, with mechanisms in place to ensure data is 100% compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Platform-driven: Intelligeni™ HCP (Hybrid Cloud Platform), our proprietary automation platform, streamlines cloud operations by improving efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention by 30%
  • Experience and Expertise: Our team of highly skilled and certified cloud professionals has the experience and expertise to ensure enterprise systems are up and running without disruption

Enable your enterprise with the appropriate steps to proactively manage, maintain, and automate a myriad of facilities that constitute seamless cloud operations and data center management.

Intelligeni™ Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP)

At the core of SmartCloudOps is our hybrid and multi-cloud management platform, Intelligeni™ HCP, which is fully integrated with GitOps principles and capabilities in observability, financial optimization (Cloud FinOps), and auto-remediation (AutomatedOps) to deliver unparalleled efficiency, agility, and security to our clients.

Intelligeni™ HCP seamlessly integrates with GitOps, a methodology that leverages Git as the ultimate reference for infrastructure and code-form application changes. This enables precise tracking of modifications through Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and allows easy rollbacks if needed, ensuring a consistently stable infrastructure. With its ability to streamline cloud operations, boost efficiency, and minimize manual errors, it plays a crucial role in a multitude of tasks. These include resource configuration, provisioning, application deployment, updates, as well as enforcing cost, compliance, and security policies across diverse cloud environments.

In addition to GitOps, Intelligeni™ HCP incorporates the AutomatedOps framework, Microland’s platform-first approach to assessing, transforming, and managing cloud infrastructure. Equipped with powerful observability capabilities, it enables deep discovery, maps dependencies, facilitates swift and accurate diagnosis, performs root cause analysis, and employs Intelligeni Bots for auto-remediation. With its IaC engine for automated change management, it ensures the resilience and optimal performance of enterprise infrastructure. The platform continuously analyzes usage patterns and identifies opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency with Cloud FinOps best practices.

Contact us at to learn more about how Microland can help organizations succeed in the cloud with GitOps, observability, and FinOps.


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