Application Modernization Services

Modernize Legacy Applications and Data for the Cloud with Zero Disruption

Organizations are investing in modernizing their applications and data. This means embracing agile ways of working, implementing new business, and IT operating models within a hybrid cloud strategy to drive cost efficiency, increase productivity, and create a platform-first approach for modernization.

Microland’s modernization services offer talent, processes, and solutions that help determine the right modernization strategy based on the application landscape, to modernize and containerize legacy applications and accelerate the time-to-value of hybrid cloud environments. Our services follow a three-pronged approach to modernization that includes legacy applications, data and mainframes.

Application Modernization

Transform your legacy applications to a modernized IT platform and become more cost-effective and future-ready. Our application modernization services include:

  • Application Rationalization - Microland’s application rationalization approach goes beyond improving efficiency and lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the application portfolio. It includes application discovery with heatmaps, application build/update/retire strategies, future state architecture vision, application deployment models, and governance.
  • Application Reengineering - Microland helps organizations transform to next-gen architecture by re-engineering cloud- native architecture. Leveraging cloud-native techniques such as micro-services, containers, and decoupling, we are re-imagining user experience for our customers by allowing them to take advantage of the cloud.
  • Application Rearchitecture - We deliver efficient, responsive, and flexible applications by automating code analysis and data migration to bring out functionality and data from legacy applications.
  • Quality Engineering - An end-to-end ecosystem approach to achieving and maintaining the quality of modern applications and systems within an enterprise. At Microland, we ensure quality while implementing application modernization strategies with relentless automation.

Mainframe Modernization

Infrastructure and software interventions in a non-disruptive manner for migrating, modernizing, and running mainframe applications on cloud. Our mainframe modernization offerings include:

  • Cloud Migration - Our cloud migration services transform the business and guarantee scalability, availability, security, and performance of applications in scope. Microland’s cloud migration approach maximizes value and mitigates risks by evaluating and transferring applications to a reliable cloud platform. We help transform web applications, legacy virtual servers, databases, and ERP systems for cloud-native technology platforms with our SmartMigrate solution that automates migration and ensures minimal code changes at the application layer.
  • Cloud Re-platforming - We help customers move to the cloud immediately at lower costs and modest benefits by re-platforming the underlying system of records or application/web servers e.g. Oracle to SQL, Windows to Linux, IIS web server to Apache, etc. Enterprises with limited budgets and who have just started their cloud journey can adopt this method of cloud migration.
  • Legacy Refactoring - We recommend this approach for enterprises who do not want to maximize the benefits of the cloud with optimized applications, OS, and middleware running on public cloud platforms. Significant code changes are made to legacy applications to ensure it runs seamlessly on the cloud. Features such as DevOps, and horizontal and vertical scaling to optimize application functionality and significantly lower operational costs.
  • Test Automation - Testing needs to be comprehensive in case of re-factoring or re-architecting, as the code base is completely new and needs to be tested like any new application. A modern and intelligent test automation solution is imperative for continuous testing, delivery, and automated quality assurance across the SDLC cycle.

Data Modernization

Modern data architecture, flexible data structures, and a state-of-the-art data and analytics platform for real-time decisions, quick insights, and scalable digital business. Microland’s Data Modernization services primarily focus on:

  • Database Modernization - Database landscape assessment, discovery, schema mapping, backup support, and managed services are the key steps that we perform to modernize customers’ enterprise database for the cloud.
  • Data Modernization - Our cloud-based data modernization solution powered by SmartModernize ensures our customers’ data is accessible, cloud-based, and trusted. SmartModernize is a highly accessible and compliant platform that delivers cost savings, enhances personalization, and deliver a superior customer experience with automated DevSecOps and data modernization assessments.
  • Data Platform Engineering - Bringing end-to-end business changes through the application of Data and AI. Our capabilities cover the range of Data and AI skills across data governance and quality, cloud and data engineering, and visual insights and next-generation user interfaces.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics - Applications, tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize applications infrastructure, and database decisions and performance. Our platform-first approach is pivoted on driving enterprise-wide analytics through AI/ML-led insights and full-stack observability.

DevSecOps and SRE

We provide an end-to-end enterprise DevSecOps methodology that works across the entire application ecosystem powered by our full-stack observability platform that enhances the resilience of digital infrastructure. Key services include:

  • Enterprise Continuous Delivery - Enabling delivery of high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner with automation of deployment pipeline, reducing cycle times and providing rapid feedback on build deployments and releases into production across heterogeneous, cloud environments.
  • Test Data Management - With DevSecOps principles tightly embedded in the software development methodology, synthesizing qualitative, consistent, and predictable data sets is necessary to deliver and deploy applications faster. Our investments in industry-leading test data management tools ensure faster automated deployments.
  • Test Environment Management - Automation-led accelerated delivery of modern applications on the cloud with centrally managed configuration, release, networks, and security management features.
  • Release Automation and Orchestration - Orchestrating multiple applications across multiple cloud environments for rapid, reusable, and predictable releases with an adaptable model-driven release orchestration platform.
  • DevOps Analytics - Custom dashboards, configurable widgets that show multiple metrics such as team velocity, CI/CD logs visualizations, sprint burndown, pipeline reports, etc. Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to leverage Analytics services for Azure DevOps to visualize and control the application delivery pipeline.


Discover and modernize applications by migrating them to the cloud with containers that enable cloud-to-cloud portability, easily distributed architectures, and independent of infrastructure dependencies.

We help enterprises move away from a lift and shift mechanism with the following containerization services:

  • Container Strategy - Establishing the business case for containerization by evaluating infrastructure cost savings, application development pipeline, security and governance, and application scalability and portability.
  • Container Architecture - Implementing apt container design patterns for reusability, reliability, fault- tolerance, and high-availability architectures with optimized resources.
  • Container Platform Engineering - Build, operate, and deploy highly scalable and resilient container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, OpenShift with automation.
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Want to know more about our services?
  • Sunil Sarat
    Sunil Sarat
    Senior Vice President & Global Client Solutions Leader - Cloud, Data Center & Digital Workplace
    With 20+ years of experience in Infrastructure & Cloud, Sunil’s core responsibilities at Microland include creating new services & solutions that drive Microland’s customers digital transformation roadmap.
  • Kapil Apshankar
    Kapil Apshankar
    Vice President, Digital Applications
    Kapil is an expert in helping companies discover the path to being digital at scale. He has worked with multiple Fortune 500 clients to infuse digital thinking in their IT roadmaps and to foster innovation, spur intelligent automation and create new products, applications and services that fuel business performance. At Microland, he is responsible for building and engineering strategic solutions across application modernization, cloud transformation, enterprise DevOps, agile and cloud native application development.
  • Vaibhav Joshi
    Vaibhav Joshi
    AVP-Client Solutions Digital Applications
    Vaibhav has 22 years of experience in leading application development and maintenance engagements, DevOps, infrastructure automation and release automation projects. He has managed large critical accounts across Banking, Healthcare and Retail industries. At Microland, Vaibhav is responsible for building platforms for DevOps analytics, application development, and container orchestration apart from creating solution offerings for customers around cloud native, application modernization and cloud migration. He is also responsible for anchoring sales proposals, charting the digital transformation roadmap for customers and delivery handover.
  • Senthilkumar Sundarraj
    Senthilkumar Sundarraj
    Senior Director - Digital Applications
    Senthil is a senior technology leader with over 20 years of experience in conceptualizing, solutioning and delivering digital transformation, modernization, and innovation programs for clients in various industries. He has led large scale application modernization, data modernization programs and automation programs using cloud technologies, digital engineering practices, AI, RPA, SaaS based applications in alignment with client's mission. He has served as a trusted advisor for C-suite executives on their digital transformation journey initiatives. At Microland he is driving the development of new service offerings in cloud-native and data engineering areas for global clients.
  • Paul William Wilson
    Paul William Wilson
    Solution Director - Digital Applications
    Paul has rich experience working in the Dynamics CRM consultancy and applications domain for over 15 years, delivering large-scale implementations within the Higher Education sector for institutions such as City University London, London School of Economics and the University of Oxford, and managing Dynamics 365 consultancies and solution architecture for professional services clients such as UBS, Charles Taylor Insuretech, Generali and Royal Sun Alliance.? He was the lead consultant for Microsoft Consulting for a UK-wide implementation of Dynamics 365 Field Service for British Gas.