Satish Sukumar

Satish Sukumar

Chief Automation Officer
Bengaluru, India

As Chief Automation Officer, Satish Sukumar spearheads initiatives in analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive superior business outcomes for our clients.

To this end, Satish’s core responsibilities at Microland include accelerating the adoption of embedded automation and enabling clients to leverage actionable insights with Microland’s automation solutions and platforms.

Satish is a seasoned industry veteran with over 23 years of experience as a software architect. He is currently laser-focused on technologies, architectures, and engineering disciplines core to Digital Transformation.

Satish began his career with Microland in the mid 90’s and later was the Head of Technology for, a Microland Group Company. Next, he joined Veloz Global Solutions as Vice President of Engineering. Satish has also co-founded two technology companies: one designed solution architectures for enterprises, and the second was a learning technology platform. In his last role, Satish was the CTO of a leading IT education company.

Satish is regularly asked to speak at multiple industry forums. In his free time, he is a distance runner and an avid photographer.