Integrated Digital Operations
Unify applications and infrastructure management to execute operations with simplified end-to-end SLAs that unlock greater efficiency

Microland provides organizations a convenient way to bring applications (traditional & modern/digital) and infrastructure management under one umbrella with the aim of executing operations more efficiently. We use a service based and ITIL compliant structure to do this, thus also providing organizations a focused Mode 1 operating structure within the bimodal organization design. Organizations can then focus exclusively on Mode 2 digital transformations, letting us manage operations.

Our Integrated Digital Operations (IDiO) framework and a suite of intelligent tools enable the unification to deliver several benefits that include:

  • A single point of accountability across both infrastructure and applications
  • A single pane view of the IT environment with improved operational efficiency
  • Automation of redundant tasks for reduced manual effort
  • Integrated L1 services aligned with business functions for cost efficiency
  • Expert L2 and L3 services to ensure faster issue resolutions and enhancements


Organizations using the Integrated Digital Operations service experience superior levels of productivity, reduced cost of multi-vendor management and faster time-to-resolve leading to improved customer experience.

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