Industrial IoT Services
Tap the Industry 4.0 advantage with Industrial IoT and create a digital ecosystem

Modern industrial organizations need to connect people, places, assets, things, and their data to enable seamless communication between industrial assets. On the other hand, they also face the pressure to reduce production costs, increase efficiencies in operations, supply chains and services, and provide visibility to employees and customers. Digital transformation, the new mandate, brings together an amalgamation of different technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, big data, and automation to overcome these challenges. Making the leap however, is fraught with challenges for industrial firms – ranging from legacy technology infrastructure to lack of expertise, and requirement of heavy upfront investment.  

Microland leverages its deep Industrial IoT ecosystem expertise spanning across the spectrum from the edge to the cloud, to help organizations reap value through true OT and IT convergence. Our comprehensive IIoT service portfolio helps organizations align their OT and IT processes to create a truly connected digital enterprise that paves the way for omni-channel operations, supply chains, and customer experiences.

We leverage an industrial systems thinking and engineering approach, agile development methodologies, and iterative frameworks to go beyond the fixed one-time implementation and enable continuous evolution of data collection and analysis. We build intelligence into the smart machines to enable more meaningful business outcomes through accurate predictions. Our IIoT services, backed by robust and resilient platform architecture help unlock value from siloed and new IoT data to provide measurable benefits such as reduced unexpected downtime, better efficiency, and decrease in the need for human intervention, leading to faster and better results.

3-Step Accelerated Industrial IoT Solutions
Accelerate IIoT adoption and outcomes with a clear vision, scope, and requirements
OT Network as a Service (NaaS)
Enable agile operations and high uptime with end-to-end IT-OT network managed services
B2B System Integration Services
Provide users seamless IIoT connectivity realized by true IT-OT convergence
Data Interoperability Services (OPC UA)
Seamless OPC connectivity to ease data sharing and analysis for informed decision-making
Asset Optimization and Management Services
Increase asset efficiency and uptime with predictive analytics driven asset management