Industrial IoT Services
Tap the Industry 4.0 advantage with Industrial IoT and create a digital ecosystem

Microland’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) Services connect industrial assets and their data. The service does this without the need for customers to acquire technological expertise or make heavy upfront investments. The goal of the service is to accelerate IT and OT convergence, aid improvements in operational efficiency, reduce downtime and production costs, and provide visibility to employees and customers across the value chain.

At Microland we leverage our industrial systems thinking, engineering approach, expertise in a host of IIoT-related technologies and agile development methodologies to pave the way for omni-channel operations, responsive supply chains and engaging customer experience.

The intelligence built into the IIoT systems ensures that our customers continue to evolve their data collection practices and analytical capabilities which help their teams reach peak decision-making capabilities.

3-Step Accelerated Industrial IoT Solutions
Accelerate IIoT adoption and outcomes with a clear vision, scope, and requirements
OT Network as a Service (NaaS)
Enable agile operations and high uptime with end-to-end IT-OT network managed services
B2B System Integration Services
Provide users seamless IIoT connectivity realized by true IT-OT convergence
Data Interoperability Services (OPC UA)
Seamless OPC connectivity to ease data sharing and analysis for informed decision-making
Asset Optimization and Management Services
Increase asset efficiency and uptime with predictive analytics driven asset management
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