Industrial IoT Services
Microland’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions are designed to deliver real time insights from connected industrial assets, unlocking benefits ranging from improved efficiency, reliability, uptime and safety to cost savings.

The IIoT is swiftly finding its way into every industry, from manufacturing to mining and from utilities to logistics. Microland’s IIoT solutions enhance the ability of enterprises across industries to generate, analyze and leverage their data and disrupt old business models.

Clients who have used our industrial systems thinking, expertise in a host of IIoT-related technologies and agile development methodologies have quickly paved their way to world-class data collection practices, omni-channel operations, responsive supply chains and exemplary customer experiences.

Our IIoT services are the force behind global enterprises and their teams becoming part of the new connected revolution, shifting from being reactive to predictive and reaching peak decision-making capabilities.

Intelligent Connected Enterprises Services and Solutions
Integrate OT and IT to enter the data-intensive environment of Industry 4.0—and to create new opportunities that exploit predictive analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
IIoT Solutions
Create better situational awareness and visibility into day-to-day operations that drive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduce downtime and lower operational costs
Managed Services for IIoT
Access specialized skills, experience and service innovation that free your enterprise from managing complex IIoT infrastructure
Brilliant Digital Factory Services and Solutions
Improve plant KPIs, reduce operational costs and boost quality by connecting assets on the factory floor to generate real time insights
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