Endpoint Technology Transformation services
From legacy end user environments to a mobile, digital operating environment

We provide technology-agnostic solutions to transform legacy end user operating environments to a mobile, digital and hyper connected environment. The service includes:

  • Advisory on right-fit technology at the right cost
  • Set up of modern application provisioning and enterprise app store
  • Migration from legacy OS environment to Windows 10 environment to improve application provisioning
  • VDI infrastructure for easy and secure access

Clients prefer our service because it is back by partnerships with technology leaders (Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware) to guarantee cost-effective and risk-free transformations.

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Application Packaging Services
Enable self-service based application deployments, streamline application management.

Microland provides services for application testing, remediation, containerizing and packaging for easy deployment. The service provides:

  • Automated testing and rigid quality checks for consistent and high-quality delivery within defined SLAs
  • Standardized and industrialized factory-based delivery model  to ensure significantly lowered TCO
  • Service delivery cockpit for transparent and rigid governance process
  • Flexible resourcing and remote delivery models designed to meet client’s business requirements


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Windows 10 Migration Services
Transform end user environment with Windows 10 migration and support.

Microland enables Widows 10 migration for remote and branch office scenarios. In addition, we deliver ongoing support in an as-a-Service model that maintains an evergreen Windows 10 environment.The service provides:

  • Migration readiness advisory and migration planning
  • Proven tools, scripts and automated assessment/remediation solutions for quicker turnaround using risk-free migration factory based model
  • Windows 10 migration cockpit for near real-time migration status
  • Rigid governance processes for quality and enhanced user experience during migration
  • Level 2 remote support to augment  client’s existing migration and post migration support process
  • As-a-Service model for ongoing feature updates and evergreen support

Our Windows 10 expertise and migration toolkit deliver target outcomes while our partnership with Microsoft ensures quicker remediation for unforeseen scenarios during deployment.

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