Hybrid Cloud Management & Optimization Services
Realize the best value of Hybrid Cloud IT, control costs and prevent cloud sprawl

Microland helps manage and optimize Hybrid Cloud environments across multiple platforms, including hyper scale public clouds, private clouds and on-premise environments. Our Hybrid Cloud Management and Optimization Services provide management of orchestrated and non-orchestrated but virtualized servers in Hybrid IT environments in addition to the expertise required on cloud platforms.

Our single pane of glass management of Hybrid IT delivers multi cloud management using our cost and compliance toolsets. This combination ensures there is performance improvement, no unnecessary cloud sprawl and opportunities for cost savings are not missed.

Pragmatic Approach to Hybrid IT (Infrastructure)
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A Fortune 20 conglomerate seamlessly integrates public and private cloud...
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Operationalization how to ensure management of your VDI is hassle free
Hybrid/Multi Cloud Management
Ensure disruption-free hybrid and multi cloud management.

Microland provides clients with services to manage hybrid cloud environments that transform operating models. The service aims to ensure rapidly adoption of NextGen digital technologies that require flexible and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure. Our service provides a variety of skills and automation processes essential to the management of orchestrated and non-orchestrated but virtualized servers or workloads with zero disruption to business. The service includes:

  • Infra and Application Management 
  • Dev and Test Environment Management
  • Tool based Disaster Recovery Environment Management
  • Backup and Archival Management
  • Cloud Subscription and Infra Compliance Management

Clients leverage our dedicated tools for managing any combination of public and private cloud or public cloud and on-premise data center along with our automation capabilities that deliver faster response time and improved end user satisfaction.

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Cloud Cost Optimization
Realize cloud cost savings of up to 40%

Microland helps arrest cloud cost leaks. We realize that multiple pricing options, complex metering and billing and varied deployment models make cost optimization on public cloud one of the most challenging tasks facing organizations.

Our Cloud Cost Optimization service uses half a decade of experience in cloud architecture, automation and management to develop models that analyze and fine tune cloud costs. A key ingredient of the optimization service is smartGovern, our cost and compliance toolset, which uses standardized and heuristic methods to identify potential leak points and provide quick, accurate and implementable recommendations.

We guarantee savings of up to 40% on customer cloud spends through one time or ongoing cost optimization. Clients who use our service also access the convenience of gain share, fixed price and outcome-based engagement models.

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