Effortlessly create, integrate and secure a robust 'digital first' organization

Enterprises are leveraging social, mobile, web, cloud, Artificial Intelligence and analytics to remain competitive. These technologies create the NextGen enterprise—providing access to information anytime, anywhere and making businesses agile, increasing asset utilization, reducing waste, driving collaboration and improving customer experience.

Microland provides a complete digital services stack, fully aligned to the demands of the NextGen enterprise. Our expertise strengthened over decades of delivering technology services to global clients, enables businesses to strategize, build and integrate powerful new technologies with existing services, infrastructure and processes.

Our digital transformation experts work through strategy, implementation and management to ensure your enterprise remains agile and hyper-productive.

Our Digital Services encompass:

Digital Networks
Improve business velocity with networks designed for a digital economy
Digital Workplace
Build a digital workplace of the future with a mobile-first, cloud-first approach that delivers consumer-oriented user experiences
Digital Application
Operate (run-the-business) and innovate (change-the-business) in a true bimodal structure with a focus on digital transformation
Digital Infrastructure
Use automation and analytics for efficient cloud adoption
Cyber Security
Switch to state-of-the-art analytics-driven cyber defense solutions
Industrial IoT Services
Microland’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions are designed to deliver real time insights from connected industrial assets, unlocking benefits ranging from improved efficiency, reliability, uptime and safety to cost savings.
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