Cloud Management Platform

Tomorrow’s IT environments are going to be more agile, service-oriented and technology agnostic than ever before, thanks to the increasing emergence of business functions having a major focus in utilizing IT environments to maximize efficiencies and productivity. To stay ahead of this phenomenon, global enterprises are implementing multi-cloud environments using different providers, and in the process creating complicated and complex IT environments.

The solution to managing such a complex environment lies in adopting a robust Cloud Management Platform (CMP). As part of the endeavor to provide our customers with best-in-class cloud management, the Microland CMP is a SaaS-based platform in a governor model (as opposed to the traditional gate keeper models available today), encompassing the largest and often used public, private and virtualized datacenter environments and a key component in the effective management of Infrastructure and PaaS environments. The Microland CMP uses an integrated set of tools and automation capabilities to provide seamless management and business productivity. This eliminates the need for reserve or shadow IT to manage the world of containers, serverless and DevOps environments without impacting agility.

The journey of the Microland CMP started in 2011 with several public, private and community cloud projects including our own orchestrator in 2012. The evolution from IaaS to PaaS to SaaS has been linear and resulted in a pragmatic and multi-disciplinary understanding of IT environments as they have evolved.

The Microland CMP performs several functions, and not only with the resources it provisions, but also with anything that others provision. As a matter of fact, the governor model is given much more precedence over the provisioning engine. As a result, you don’t need to wait for the CMP upgrade if the principles have upgraded something in their system. You can simply start using it. Convenient isn’t it?

It has a host of different features, which the enterprises can use to effectively manage a cloud environment. These features include: Budget Control, Monitoring, Image Management, Metering/Billing, Remediation and DR, Configuration Management, Auto Remediation, Analytics and Dynamic CMDB to name a few.

Benefits of the Microland CMP:

  • Visualize, Manage and Monitor all your cloud environments regardless of mode of provisioning

  • Ensure budgetary compliance, consistency and security of images, and monitoring your clouds

  • Catalogue for provisioning multi-cloud and apply the budgetary and security policies regardless of provisioning method

To know more about how to start engaging with the Microland CMP, connect with our experts here.


Acquire the ability to reshape IT delivery to match the demands of digital environments

Microland leverages automation so that clients can achieve higher levels of business agility, service predictability, cost effectiveness and enhanced user experience. We develop automation roadmaps for the bi-modal world, balancing traditional/linear IT with NextGen/non-linear IT. By deploying ITIL V3 based solutions for linear mode and DevOps for non-linear mode and combining them with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) we transform IT service delivery. Our vision is to deliver an intelligent automation environment with zero-touch operations for all service towers of IT infrastructure—networks, cloud, data centers and end user computing with minimal  human intervention across all stages of IT infrastructure life cycle (assessment, deployment, migration, management and ROI measurement).

All our automation solutions pass the SMART sieve before being considered usable: 

S - Strategic Focused

M - Measurable Outcomes

A - Actionable Insights

R - Reliable Applications and Infrastructure

T - Transformation of Operations

Our automation solutions make it easier to create disruptive innovation in a dynamic, digital environment through faster release cycles, scalable processes, reduced human error and higher application and infrastructure availability.