Jul 20, 2020

Digitalisation of citizen services for a UK Council

Microland’s client is the third largest borough in London comprising seven towns. The local government council is the authoritative body for this borough and ensures easy access to public services for its citizens across housing, recycling, parking, transport, taxes, libraries, parks, schools and more. Serving a population of approximately 400,000, the local council has 10+ citizen service categories and has over 220 business processes defined to deliver the service. These processes are supported by an application estate that has grown over the years and has several legacy estate challenges including not able to meet the expectation of customers to have a great engagement while availing the services from the borough. Additionally, this disparate set of applications with several databases has resulted in a complex application estate, thereby increasing the operational costs and decreasing overall agility and responsiveness. As the number of services offered and population of the borough continued to rise the strain on the application estate became untenable. To resolve the challenges, the council decided to transform and digitalize their citizen service processes. The objectives of this transformation program included cost savings to align spend in line with the funding reduction, re-engineering processes to be citizen centric, ensure single-pane visibility of all services consumed by a citizen and modernising & simplification of the application estate. Read this case study to know how Microland enabled the client to undergo this digital transformation.
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