Sr. Administrator - Backup

3 - 5 years of experience
Job Description
Operating Systems, Application & Virtualization

a. Execute backup and restore in a virtualized infrastructure

b. Take snapshot backup in virtualized infrastructure

Tape Management (Physical & Virtual Tape Libraries)

a. Use knowledge base in identifying issues on Physical and Virtual Tape Libraries

b. Fix issues using defined SOPs

c. Labeling Media Tapes ,managing Onsite and Offsite Tapes

d. Tape retention management, periodic Tape drive cleaning , Tape Library Web console management


a. Isolate network throughput issues in case of back up failures or back up performance degrade.


a. Perform back up task operations on-cloud infrastructure

Backup Management

a. Troubleshoot under the guidance of Sr. team member - e.g.. : isolate issues of back up failures of application / OS / DB / library etc.

b. Restore and back up operation unaided for unscheduled / ado requests

c. Back up and restore using native back up commands.

d. Advanced support on the Backup application EMC Networker, CommVault Simpana, Veritas NetBackup

e. Installing/Upgrading Backup Exec media server and client agent

f. Installing/Upgrading NetBackup master/media server and client agent

g. Creating backup selections, media sets

h. Taking Catalog backups and DB backups for recovery purpose

i. Advance backup functions like Oracle DB backup, SAP backup, NDMP backups, VMware VADP backup, SQL backup, exchange backup etc.

j. Configuring Media and Master Servers.

k. Backup migration for database backups from different location/Regions.

l. Implementation of LAN free/SAN based backups.

m. Performance tuning and optimization for NetBackup and storage.

n. Work closely with Storage team for storage related issues.

o. Patching and firmware upgrade for backup environment.

p. Scripting / Automation of Major/ Complex Tasks.

q. Initial Configuration of Avamar and Data Domain.

r. Test and validate new implementations of Avamar and Data Domain

s. Should take customer through process of integration of new Avamar/DD platforms in their environment: setup of alerts/monitoring, reporting, runbook updates, etc.

t. Perform Avamar/Data Domain replication.

u. Troubleshoot Avamar client installation issues.

v. Assist maintenance of customer installations of AVAMAR. Technical Skills

a. Systems Administration (F)

b. Storage and Backup Administration (Physical & Virtual Tape Libraries) (F)

c. Network Administration (F)

d. Administration Cloud Platform Administration (A)

e. Storage and Backup Administration (A)

Behavioral Skills

a. Email Communication, Presentation, Public Speaking (F) b. Strategic Thinking, Transactions Processing, Planning (A) c. Analytical Thinking, Scientific Temperament (A)Interpersonal Skills (F), Nurturing Relationships (A) d. Customer Service Orientation, Business Appreciation (F)
We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.