Ashish Mahadwar

Ashish Mahadwar

Chief Operating Officer
San Jose CA, USA

Ashish leads business operations across Microland, including global delivery, client solutions, new client acquisitions, relationships with existing customers, technology partnerships and alliances, marketing, and enables customers in their transformation journey into a digital world. Keenly aware that ideas multiply the impact of technology, Ashish brings with him a special emphasis on innovation. Under his guidance, Microland’s team ensures that clients embrace AI, automation and IIoT with extraordinary results.

Ashish is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion and believes inclusive organizations can create a more well-rounded environment fostering new ideas. He is the executive sponsor for Microland’s D&I initiative.

Ashish is a consummate leader and a caring mentor. With a diversified global career of over 30 years, he has the experience to guide talent in scaling application, infrastructure, and consulting capabilities. His past positions in the IT services industry included Chief Operating & Revenue Officer at a leading IT services company in the San Francisco Bay Area and Senior Advisor, Bain Capital, and member of the Executive Committee and EVP/General Manager of the Emerging Business Group at CSC, where he reported to the CEO and was responsible for all next-gen businesses. Prior to CSC, Ashish spent 11 years with Cognizant. The last position that he held there was SVP/Managing Director, Enterprise Application Services.

A proud member of Microland’s large club of returning employees, Ashish spent nine years with Microland early in his career, and launched, India’s first Internet Professional Services Company and a part of Microland, as Vice President.

Ashish has a track record for customer centricity, rigor in execution and for building strong advisory capabilities in client teams. He engages passionately in reimagining how innovative application of next-gen infrastructure can turbo charge every aspect of an organization. 

Ashish holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, University of Mumbai, India, and a Bachelors’ Degree of Electrical Engineering from the Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai,India.